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Healing or Protection

By Santar 2017-10-27 01:51:03
Breath in breath out and close my eyes
Breath in breath out and close my eyes
Breath in breath out and close my eyes
Now it's time to go to sleep
When I do I'll go in deep
My healing will begin in my mind
It can not be rushed, and will take time
I will truly look within
Then my magick will begin
The healing process that I need
It connects me to my souls seed
I am empowered by the 5 elements
This I have always known
Within the essence of my being the elements have been sewn
The water allows me heal myslef or others
The air allows me to connect directly to the energy of the universe
The fire allows to cleanse to the point of rebirth if I need to
The spirit allows me to be who was born to be
The earth is my mother, and she keeps me grounded when I need it.

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