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Fellow Wiccans in Hawaii

C8844gs - Oahu Hawaii

Sirwils001 - Hawaii
Looking to learn more about Wicca

Lycaon - Hawaii

Melishtar - Big Island Hawaii

Gentlegiant - Big island hawaii
Raised as a Christian when I was young and now that I'm an adult I can make my own choices I follow my own beliefs and I choose Wiccan unfortunately I

JustinC10987 - Kaneohe, Hawaii
New to this. Seeking a mentor for knowledge and help. New friends are welcomed as well. Send me a message anytime, Thank you.

Mellulu - Hawaii
I been witch since I was 6 years old I practice with my grandmother witch is was doing over 40 years I born and raised in land of magic

PrettyOddGirl - Honolulu, Hawaii
New to this, even though I have had it in my heart since I was a child. Looking for a coven to join. Message me if you would like to connect.

Kgirl - Hawaii

kobecornelio - honolulu,hawaii
im still new to this but im looking for other wiccans on oahu to help each other learn and grow (lol) IG : kobecornelio

silverbay3 - Hawaii
disxovered diana and meaning of life at 18. tried to conform to societal norms and suppressed my rituals. found my soul mate who supports my faith in

Violet1 - Oahu Hawaii
I'm still pretty new to this but I know it's for me I can feel it. I'm looking for new friends to practice witchcraft and learn from.

carlyso - Oahu, Hawaii
I'm very new to this! Looking for a mentor and friends to share my interests and practice ❤️

BrockW - Big Island, Hawaii
I am a member of the ADF and I'm looking for any fellow members on the Big Island.

Akeem - Oahu, Hawaii
Hi, I'm a was born and raised in hawaii as a Christian but I have always been fascinated with these types of spiritual practices. I have studied indep

EverAfter - Big island Hawaii
I consider myself omnist. I am Christian for my family, Buddhist for my heart, Hindu for the power of mantras, and Wicca for my soul in nature. Please

mhughes - Hawaii

lovestone - Oahu, Hawaii
Loving lil sprout looking for some magical mama friends :)

TheFunnyOne - Oahu, hawaii
A solitary, New practitioner. Would totally love to meet others and learn more. Blessed be!

Immortal - Big Island of Hawaii
Hello and merry meet! After being a Christian for most of my life and giving it every possible chance, and it coming up foul over and over, I left

Sunshine_13 - Kailua, Hawaii
Originally hailing from Toronto,moved to the 808 2 years ago. Spent my summers here growing up. Solitary practitioner for 10 years; more into research

Sonya_xoxo_ - Honolulu hawaii oahu
I'm new at this I really think it's my destiny to become a witch I really need some people to help me and talk to me so please text me any time at 207

CodyCochran - Mt View, Hawaii
I live outside Mt View, HI. Looking for some magickal & mystical friends or parterners. I'm not a wiccan per say, but I would say I practice witchcraf

Rayfromhawaii - Kapolei, Hawaii.
I am looking for Tammy...I lived in Sandy, Utah. At the Silver Pines Apts. My name is Ray. Tammy has a Tattoo of a Dragongly, to remember her mother t

Raylooking4TammyinUtah - Kapolei, Hawaii
Hello...my name is Ray Guzman, I lived in Sandy, Utah at the Silver Pines Apts. Looking for Tammy, is she your mother. I am an old friend...lost her n

MsTaylor - Kailua-Kona Hawaii

Brigh - Hamakua, Hawaii
I'm a solo practitioner looking for friends for talk story,possibly share in ritual, and to build relationships with other practitioners. I draw from

OakFreewolf - Hawaii Kai
I am a metaphysical minister going for my doctorate. I found witchcraft 3 yrs ago and it's resonated very deeply within me. I've been on a solitary pa

Dgiannin2 - Oahu, Hawaii
My name is Danie. I'm 25, new to Hawaii, but not new to this. I've been in and out of practice since I was 18. But lately I've been needing to get bac

Lady_D - Maui, Hawaii
Experienced HPS Willing to advise. Serious questions get serious answers.

MyOwnPath - Hawaii
Dabbled. Strayed. Returned.

onwardtowaffles - Honolulu, Hawaii

jamesnotsure96744 - oahu hawaii
I don't understand much about all of this. So I guess i come seeking wisdom.

Jlewiskr - Oahu, Hawaii
So... About me? I love art, and corny jokes. And I read, alot. I'm here because I grew up in a very Christian home, and I don't know anyone that I can

Arturiam - Waianae, hawaii
been a solitary practitioner all my life, dabble in shamanic practice and tarot for over 10 years, seeking nothing more than a religous outlet. Enjoy

JU808 - Waianae, Hawaii
I'm just starting this Wiccan experience...I want to learn and be open minded, mind creating a secret coven? I'm also a Christian, so, yeah I'm testin

rabbit54 - Hilo,hawaii
New to Hilo, looking to meet new people to interact with

cjcarter - guam/hawaii/missouri

skylark - honolulu hawaii
well im a born witch and proud of it , off & on 4 years been practicing , i am a solitary prcationer , but would love to mingle with other wiccan

Danimissybff - Mililani hawaii
Hello my name is dani I've always been very insterested in Wiccan and always wanted to be one I want to learn more about it and also meet people also

Lady_Freyja - Hawaii
Looking to meet new friends on Oahu...

Mathian - Oahu,Hawaii

Echo - Hawaii
My name is Echo I live in hawaii I am a pagan Witch I love kickboxing,yoga, reading art,gardening and animals.

Kind of new to Wicca and looking to learn more and to make it a part of my everyday life. I am married to a beautiful woman and have 6 kids between t

Saint_Ranger999 - Honolulu, Hawaii

cjaworski08 - wahiawa, hawaii
Im new to wicca although i have always thought that i was born a witch and have always been interested in it.But Im just looking for some friends tha

ericabanana - mountain view, hawaii
My name is erica. I would live to learn more about wiccan practices and such. I feel like this is what im supposed to do with my life.

axe820 - Honolulu, Hawaii
I'm a novice practitioner curious about the Wiccan/Pagan way of life. I'm hoping to find folks with similar interests on Oahu to expand my spiritual

Vigilante - Hawaii
New to wicca and tarot. I am Happily married Father of four. I'm a tattoo artist as well as a painter and graphite portrait artist. I like athletics a

sonofmarz - Hawaii
New to the site and to Wicca.hope to meet people and learn more about it.hope to get more involved and actually practice and join a coven.excited to c

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