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Fellow Wiccans in Iowa

GreenWitchAmethyst - Iowa
I am a green witch, in tune with nature, who wears her pentacle proudly.

BaileyRose - Wellsburg, Iowa
I'm looking into witchcraft and trying to find my place. I would love to talk to someone who can tell me more.

Wolfspiritlady - Des moines iowa
I am an empath, eclectic witch am also into reiki healing

Jessica5424 - Davenport, Iowa
Hello, I'm Jessica. I am 22 and married with two children. I have recently been studying the Ways of Wicca and would like to learn more and meet som

walkingwillowphoenixatyahoocom - Dubuque iowa
I have been searching for "something" my whole life. Not knowing what it was but always being drawn into beliefs very uncommon to those around me.i se

LyftFloga - Dubuque, Iowa
Long interested in the pagan, but just starting my study of Wicca. Want to become more mindful of and connected to the simple and beautiful aspects of

willowsolstice - Central Iowa
Looking for Wiccan friends. I have been in Iowa for over 6 years and would love to meet some Wiccan/Pagan friends. I am a solitary, eclectic practit

purplebutterfly - Toledo, Iowa
Married mother of 6. Loves nature and the outdoors and spending time with my family and fur babies and loved ones.

Sutika13 - Davenport iowa
Hi I am looking for friends as I dont have many and especially any to share my believes with. Except my familiars. I have Thirteen he is my male kitty

Greentree - Iowa
I am one with everything but a part of nothing. I open my heart to all behind these brick walls. I forever seek that for which I am not looking.

dragula84 - Iowa
I got a dog a boyfriend and looking for someone to join a coven with I'd be a beginner

LadyAngelOfTheSky - iowa
i am 38 years old and 3 dogs...one chihuahua, one chorkie and one rhodesian ridgeback boxer mix...they are all my babies and my life. their names are

Pixiestixkat - Northern Iowa
I'm an artist and mother of two very little boys. I've been studying Wicca off and on for 7 years. I'd love to find a coven that meets on the esbats a

MoonlitOak - Iowa City, IA

SerenityIsWithin - Iowa City
When I was younger I craved power and practiced black magic but now that I am older I realize how ignorant that was and am looking for a coven to help

ChiTownBorn - Iowa
Chicago born. Resident of Cedar Rapids. Business Owner & Consultant.

shadow69696969 - Iowa
I am a Dessert Storm Vet who battled breast cancer 17 yrs ago, given 2 months to live but here i stand. I like horror movies, action and karate. Love

Leighleigh90 - Iowa

KymEChimera - Iowa

Magicpast63 - Iowa
Magic was in my past now that I'm a lot older looking for someone to help me understand an help with my vivid dreams to include smell an taste in my d

Clover14 - Iowa
Hi! My name is Chloe and I am a 14 year old witch. Ever since I was very young I've been fascinated by anything supernatural. Two years ago I learned

Andrew - Centerville, Iowa
I'm a single parent of 3 teenage boys. My main hobby is bowling.

Wolfblood2000 - Centerville, Iowa

SupernaturalFan21 - Iowa
Interested in Wicca/Pagan. Looking to maybe be initiated in a cov. I really believe I can feel people's energies so I would really like to improve

Awesomej1019 - Iowa
Is looking for help casting spells willing to pay

AssirammmarissA - Dubuque IOWA
.... Just ask....

cubsfan44 - Iowa
I am looking for someone to do love spell for me plz help me..

Angela1975 - Humboldt iowa
Im married with children. Moved to iowa and seem that i cant find a cov near me . or where i can get supplies i really need to find my path and faith.

treeflower_firefly - NE Iowa
hi thanks for looking at my profile I am Pagan been this way all my life I live in NE Iowa and I am looking for friends/coven in my area,I have 2 gro

KoraDawn - Iowa
I'm am 22, Married, I follow Wicca beliefs.

Supernaturalmama - Dumont Iowa area
Looking for a local coven to possibly join and like minded people work with

MiaStory33 - Fairfield iowa
Looking for friends. A witch since childhood, transgender m2f. Mostly hereditary Friesland Fae. Eclectic spirit hedge. Some kitchen. Kahuna ana Ana, h

Telssee - Iowa
I'm a reborn Wiccan and fortune teller.

Lilith28 - Des moines iowa
I have been practicing Wicca since the age of 15...I have been looking for people to practice Wicca with and to perform rituals...IF any body interes

SparkofFire - Iowa
I am pagan looking for others in my area. I am a follower of the celtic goddess Brighid. I have only been on this path for about a year or so. It is h

Tamaraith - Central Iowa
Have been interested in paganism for years and have done some learning on my own but wish to find more guidance, wife is curious and new.

Jaebird - Iowa
Merry meet! I am a 15 year old, gay female who is looking for a wiccan friend. I have always been interested in the religion, but have grown up in a s

DeeJayDoc - Des Moines Iowa
Just lookin for a likeminded female to share time with.

pawaggs - Des Moines, Iowa
I have been interested in the craft for some time. I have studied about it when I could but my significant other didn't allow it. Now I am single and

Matsukai - Iowa
hello i am 24 and i am new to the path and im trying how to go about being a solitary practicioner

Krisramos69 - colesburg iowa
I'm feeling my Hart leads me to seek what is not here friends who beleave in same beleafs I'm seeking a menture in my area please be out there for the

cubsfan43 - Siouxcity Iowa
interests in wicca/pegan.

rydelle - iowa
Solitary practitioner,looking for friends and knowledge

ccoxy33 - Iowa
Greetings Earthlings; I am Vigorvia. I am an Odinist/Pagan. Heathen I got the fire in my soul. Just me myself and I, well along with my husba

Araina - Iowa
Beginning my year and a day study, but I am pretty sure that wiccan is the life style for me! I'm looking to meet fellow wiccans and make friends.

Justme67 - Iowa

JohnAlberts252 - Waterloo, Iowa
Looking for friends in Waterloo to teach me more about this. I want to join a coven

thaliacitrine - Cedar Rapids, Iowa
I'm a lesbian teacher, recently moved to Iowa and searching for a coven. Especially interested in other women who want to help me form a new coven in

Stardustandmoonlight - cedar rapids iowa
I'm 14. I am pansexual. I have been interested in witchcraft and the Wicca religion. But my parents disapprove. I need someone who can help me learn m

soloane72 - Central Iowa
Been practicing pagan since I was 14. I have been around the world and seen many different religious views and been expanding my knowledge in the craf

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