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Fellow Wiccans in Kentucky

Mysticalchef120 - Kentucky

Ancientdreams - Harrodsburg, Kentucky
What I practice is misunderstood and ancient as well as what I am looking for open minded witches that are willing to push the envelope to save mortal

Patriotpagan - Danville,Kentucky
Pagan Patriot protecting our freedoms. Harming none but taking no shit

Cabbit - Murray Kentucky
Solitary practitioner for about 25 years. Had a brain tumor removed 8 years ago so it feels like I'm starting a new all the time. Looking forward to s

NovaLynn - Harrodsburg Kentucky
Hello, i am new to the craft and just learning. I would like to connect with a few women in my area to learn more and really get into this. Im so draw

ray_pelkey - kentucky

Zesro - Kentucky
Electric wiccan following the Shamanic path. I'm in search of like minded people to engage intelligent conversation.

Xaoc - South-central Kentucky
I seek like minded individuals for a study circle.

Shadowwalker68 - Central Kentucky
I have followed a Shamanic-Wiccan path since about 1989. I have eclectic tendencies, but maintain my foundational path. I am seeking others of like mi

dannirain13 - Western Kentucky
I've been fascinated by wiccan practices since I was about 12 or 13. I'm seeking a mentor and general kinship with like minded people.

morte_zeno11391 - mt. washington kentucky
ive been practicing wicca since I was 13. it started as a high school project the more I researched the more it fit. I abide by the wiccan rede in eve

AM - Kentucky

Sbah389 - Louisville, Kentucky
I'm a creative artistic person who has recently started learning the craft,paganism and wicca.

wiccywitch - Kentucky
After being forcibly raised a Jehovah's Witness I always was attracted to wiccan ways, which was NOT allowed and considered devil worship. I left the

Midivicki1313 - Kentucky
I've always felt like I was different from everyone,and yet ok with it.Seeing spirits and such is everyday norm for me.It's hard though to find like m

moon2424 - owensboro Kentucky
Looking for a Wiccan witch to cast a spell for me

starrDnA - Kentucky
Happily married to my soulmate we have 4 daughters 1nephew and 1niece 2j.r.t fur babies Many blessings to all, merry meet!!!(not looking for a date so

Nicole1995 - Louisville Kentucky

AnayaMidnight - Muhlenberg County, Kentucky
Hello! I'm AnayaMidnight and I'm currently in search of a Wiccan tutor. If you live nearby and are up to the task, please contact me whenever you get

Bettycheekd - Kentucky

FeleciaYarber - Kentucky Louisville
I am to wiccan or wit hcraft. I am just attempting to involve myself. I need guidance. That I know because I feel it. I am powerful, just Don't know w

nothingbutthebest98 - kentucky
pagan, age 18, cumberland kentucky,artist. i just jumped into this and its the best decision ive made.

Iwantitall87 - West Kentucky
I want to sale my soul for wealth fame and health... Can anybody help me?

Lanae - Louisville Kentucky
New to Wicca needs to find a coven and a teacher

Xana2201 - Kentucky
I am a new Wiccan and I am looking for a teacher that can teach me some things about Wicca over the internet.

TheLadyLillith - Kentucky
I am located in Louisville, currently in search of a coven and like minded individuals.

Soulsista1986101 - Kentucky
I am walking along my divine path guided by my Spirit Guides and Ancestors. Along my journey I had to get rid of stagnant things and people in order t

Misfit - Murray kentucky
I'm not a witch but I am a Norse pagan and living in western Kentucky it's hard finding anyone like me in this Christian Bible Belt . Would hope and l

Bludymondzz - Owensboro/Daviess County Kentucky
In search of other wiccans instead in a coven or sisterhood

starrturner18 - harlan Kentucky
Hai I'm starr I'm 18 and from Kentucky

Jessica4123 - Kentucky
I have only been a wiccen for a couple of years.

Wayneh - Louisville, Kentucky
Just started and would like to find a coven to teach me my birthright

acat - Kentucky
Im interested in meeting new people that has some of the same interests as me. Learn more about.. Anything really especially if it wiccan. I have foun

southern1244 - hardyville Kentucky
I was a Christian and now no more and wanna learn and join a coven near me.

MoonsingerEva - Rineyville, Kentucky
I've been a solitary practitioner for almost ten years, now. While I do know a few like-minded individuals close to me, it's always good to find broth

bloodrose1128 - Kentucky

Moondreamer - Kentucky hazard
There's not much to know tbh

Blackpatchbeast - West Kentucky

Jessika_Russ118 - Nicholasville, Kentucky
I'm 17 years old, and was basically born into the world of witchcraft. My mother practiced and didn't start teaching me little things until last year.

Willjones - London, kentucky
i have my reasons to believe in the supernatural and other-worldly things, and i feel i have an understanding of its purpose. Im just looking to meet

Casey - Ashland, Kentucky
I'm just starting out and am looking to learn as much as I can about Wicca.

AliceWonder - Louisville, Kentucky

Jacob - Ashland Kentucky
While I have studied Wicca and witchcraft for multiple years I have never actually been able to fully practice and would like to learn more or help pe

wolflover019 - Edmonton, Kentucky
Hey! I'm a shadow witch who's basically connected to demons. Taken by a sweet girl If you need advice, I'm here. I'm new to this site.

Jamie1995 - Louisville, Kentucky
Hi, my name is Jamie Lynn, I love books and going outside. I've been practicing since I was a kid with my mom. I just moved to Louisville and I'm look

MoonLotus - Frankfort, Kentucky.
To start off I want to say for a very long time in my life I thought I was Christian... But, my soul knew different and I couldn't deny who I was anym

LucretiaNymph - Kentucky
My name is Lucretia, I am the high priestess of a small circle. I also have a podcast where I talk about wicca and pagan beliefs, rituals, and solstic

LaVeyMoon - guthrie, Kentucky
I'm a moon child full of love for all things.I am new to this but yet I've felt a strong pull to the wiccan way since I was child.

JeremyLapsus - somerset Kentucky
I'm 20 I'm a beginner would love to find a good teacher to teach me and advise me while learning

Nyra - Kentucky, USA
I'm quite new to Wicca but don't take me for a fool. My Self Dedication Ritual is to take place soon and I'm learning much that I can and will continu

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