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Fellow Wiccans in Louisiana

Discoveryofme - Covington, Louisiana
Searching for like minded people and/or mentors to help me decipher all of this new information I find so interesting.

desi01 - bossier city, louisiana
I am a very new witchling wanting to learn the craft. I believe my path is focused on divination and herbalism. id love to make some friends and maybe

Croato36 - Lake Charles, Louisiana
My grandmother and her mother and so on were wiccan. I am new here

SEAS - Louisiana

Taylor22 - Covington Louisiana
Iím a eclectic witch, I mostly work with crystals and incense, I live in Covington Louisiana and Iím looking for friends around my area

ChristieSnow - Lafayette, Louisiana
I was raised Southern Baptist but Wicca is my true calling. Looking to connect to individuals or a coven.

Cynthia68 - Anacoco Louisiana
Im a teacher and mentor a Psychic Seer empath I know Rituals and Spells ect Plus I make my own products. Plus Im Paranormal Investigator. Merry Meet..

Retract - Hammond, Louisiana
I was raised Christian but it never fit and was drawn to Wicca because it is the only thing that my intuition seems to believe. I love the fact that

Dawnlipstick90 - Slidell,louisiana

Amethysturner - Bossier City Louisiana
Iíve dappled in and out of this for a while, but I want to make it permanent this time.

SageTheWise - Louisiana
I'm a High Priestess of a wonderful coven and I have my arms wide open to anyone who needs advice or someone to talk to. I'm even open to having new m

Aleshia - Louisiana
24 year old mom of two ..just started my path in wicca .Looking for new friends .

Rogue36 - Louisiana

Finding_da_art - Baton Rouge Louisiana
Hey I am new to this I'm looking for a mentor/leader to help me find my path I being into witchcraft since I was 10 I try to forget about it but it so

Thana - LA - Louisiana
I'm a beginner. Still learning and I intend to gain friends who are just like me. Teaching me and guiding me through everything I need to know about t

Steven405 - New Orleans,Louisiana
My name is steven rumore,26,Sagittarius,Galliano,Louisiana,Infantryman Louisiana Army National Guard. Im a spiritual perso n with different interests

LadyRavenswood - Louisiana
I am moving to Minden,Louisiana soon, and i am in need of a Coven to join to be with other people like myself. I have been a Wiccan for over 5 years s

Datguy - Louisiana
Looking to make new friends and learn

Opalescentskies - Madisonville, Louisiana
Very new and looking for guidance. The Wiccan practices came to me in a dream and I have studies the culture and practices since.

JTB3927 - Minden, Louisiana
Hi, I'm new to Wicca. Been interested in it for years. I live in Minden,LA.

Wolfing - South Louisiana
I'm reconnecting myself with the crafts. Looking for people to speak with intelligently with. I am hopeful that, I will be able to find people like th

StardustBlood - Louisiana
Hello all. I am new to the path and am in need of a guide, a leader. Someone who is willing to teach me and allow me to be me.

treeoflife12 - Bossier, Louisiana
I am looking for a mentor that is in my area. I have been intrested in wicca since I was 13.

AutumnLeann - Welsh, Louisiana
I am looking for a mother to guide me and lead me. I am new to the craft and have many questions.

Blackhawk1966 - Bossier city Louisiana
I have been practicing for a very long long time. I prefer practicing in skyclad. If anyone is interested in practicing in skyclad. Please get in touc

Cooki3pirat3 - Louisiana
Extremely new to Wicca. Looking for a coven and guidance.

Lunchbox911 - Louisiana
Initiate here, seeking knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

Stephan1597 - Haughton Louisiana

whitelighter1970 - Louisiana
I'm a new witch and my husband and I would like to meet some other witches that can help with our learning.

Bountifulight - shreveport Louisiana
I am new to practicing Wicca, though I have been studying for quite some time. I am a solitary practitioner for the time being. I try to always surrou

bekahhollywood1 - Covington Louisiana
New to the area, new to Wicca. Looking for my tribe

InvisiGoth - Louisiana

PenguinTree - Lafayette, Louisiana

Anitajo19 - Benton, Louisiana
I am married to my soul mate, mother to as many as will listen (right now 2 girls and 4 boys) 2 grandchildren. I grewup christian but I have always f

Autumn6661 - Haughton, Louisiana

SageRose - Morgan City, Louisiana
I'm a Wiccan High Priestess, and I am a very wise and helpful person.

bluedrea - Louisiana

LexiCat - Monroe Louisiana
I'm looking for a mentor, high priest/priestess, coven, or any other form of teacher, to help guide me on my spiritual journey. Im LGBT friendly and w

bhoyle89 - New Iberia, Louisiana
I have been interested in Wicca since I was a young teenager. I am looking for someone to help mentor and guide me in the Wiccan way.

Bree4 - Marrero Louisiana
I'm 43 single divorced 2 times have 3 kids all are grown and on their own 4 grandkids 3 boys 1 girl just moved in to my own apartment dont want to liv

ForestSong - Louisiana
Mother, bestfriend and lover and one day wife of the greatest man the goddess could have ever blessed my life with. I'm Cherokee Indian and French my

Stormcatcher811 - Louisiana
I'm from Indiana and I've had several talents since I was a child tho I have fully tapped into them.

inkheart - hessmer louisiana
i am an eclectic who has been studying and practicing the wiccan path for many years.

darkandra - Louisiana
I am a powerful being of light and wisdom. I have practiced my craft since I was a child. Recently my powers have fallen dormant, I believe due to la

aluada - Louisiana

NewlyFoundling - Winn Parish, Louisiana
I don't know anything about this. I am just branching out of Christianity and I'm still learning!

KRose94 - Lafayette, louisiana
I am discovering new things about myself And am interested in learning about Wicca. I am looking for someone who would like to teach me more.

beautifull20 - louisiana

YounshalifBlustara - Louisiana
Married mom of two just finding my way in this world

Shealoyal - houma Louisiana
looking for guidance in my area all is new to me

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