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Fellow Wiccans in Missouri

Walkergirl - Clinton, Missouri
Well you really gotta get to know me. Which isn't hard I'm pretty open, honest and friendly as well as open minded and adventours. I'm from Missouri a

Happydragmom - Houston Missouri
I am looking for like mind people to learn of the old ways.

SilentEkko - Missouri

negan - missouri

kittycat - elsberry, missouri
I love cats

ElizabethLunarHearts - Missouri City, Texas
My interest in magick was discovered at 8 years old and its only grown since. I am now 19 but only since I turned 18 did I really throw myself into pr

Gmann - Desloge, Missouri
Wanting to learn wiccan

proximamuse - Missouri
Been interested in Wiccan Ideologies all my life and have studied for about three years now. Would like some guidance from others.

FallenWolf961 - Joplin Missouri
I have problems with insecurity. I believe in weird things. And wish for things that are different from what other people do and I’m seeking for help

Shay7 - Independence Missouri
Very new !

Skylark67 - St Louis, Missouri

RavenWolf1997 - Missouri

Myrdin - Lebanon, Missouri

CheyenneRose - Jefferson City, Missouri
I was born into Wicca, so I am a natural witch, but I haven't practiced in many many years. I am single and I'm looking for other Wiccans in the Jeffe

EchoDawn - Nixa. Missouri
I am looking for coven close to home. I have been studying eclectic witchery for over a year and am looking for likeminded folks close to home.

OnyxLion - California, Missouri
I'm an eclectic Solitary witch intuitive clairvoyant

browyoudoing - Kansas City, Missouri
20 and just trying to stay hydrated, moisturized, and magical. Sun Leo, Rising Libra, Moon Pisces I'm an empath, clairsentient, and clairvoyan

bookjunky95 - Republic, Missouri
I'm new to Wicca. Interested in talking to people and learning their beliefs.

Mortician65 - St. Louis, Missouri
I am a 52 year old living in the St. Louis metro area. I have been out of touch with my wiccan /pagan beliefs. Therefore I am a newbie and an empath.

Leospride75 - Missouri
MM. Just a simple earth loving-worshipping guy. I've been studying-practicing Wicca since I was 18. I'm most at home in nature, lakes,rivers and strea

Everchanger - Branson, Missouri
I'm new to Wicca and am trying to find a community of Witches that I can advance my craft with. Be it a coven or just a group of friends to learn with

Nxvermore - Missouri

AllyC - Hannibal Missouri

uv5vd - Excelsior Springs. Missouri
artist, Seer, father, wiccan, pagan for many years. trying to live the old ways, learning more and seeing more everyday. id like to meet more like mi

Storyteller - Missouri
a storyteller, living in the forest an hour east of Springfield.

Tat2will - Missouri
I have been interested in this type of stuff for a long time and I was trying to learn more just want to see if I can join

SanduskysAngel - Missouri

ScorpionSting - St. Charles, Missouri
Seeking coven or like minded individuals.

Justina80 - Missouri
I'm a very old & spiritual soul. I'm Cherokee, Ogala Lakota Sioux, Scottish, & Egyptian. I'm an Intuitive & Hedge Witch. I'm from the backwood hills o

Charm16issa - Missouri
My fiancé and I are interested in practicing and learning old pagan ways and are unsure where to start.

tsalagi - Missouri
I'm a natural witch i have been doing rituals on and off busy life with children. Love them all. Love is what gets me threw with mother earth till i a

Kella_conell - Stoddard county missouri
Hello im a young 13 year old female witch that is intrested in looking for a female witch that can serve as a mentor seeing as im forced to use what i

Enchantress_D - St Louis Missouri
Holistic Practitioner, Herbalist, Diviner of African Orishas, Voudou, and Hoodu spiritual advisor.

Kevventheesorcerer1986 - Bismark, missouri
I first started the practice of Wiccan at a very young age my first recollection of it was when I was 5, I would rather not go into detail of what I h

Shelterspace - Poplar Bluff, Missouri
Looking for like minded people to do projects with. Know that reconciliation brings us in the realm God Almighty forgive me for adultery, fornication,

imamutiger - Jefferson City, Missouri
I am a mom of 2 and my whole family is interested in joining a coven. Is there anything in the Jefferson City/Columbia area?

Regin - St. Clair, Missouri
I have been an eclectic, solitary witch for over 30 years. I am currently finishing up my 2nd Degree in the Correllian faith. I am here to help out.

Windydragonfly - Missouri
I'm new on my eclectic wiccan path,seeking others likeminded

tessilyn - Warsaw, Missouri
Looking to meet like-minded Wiccan/pagan or other earth based spiritual folks.

Willowfaeriewren - Missouri
Greetings, I have been an eclectic wiccan for 3 years. Looking to meet others of the craft.

Waterfairybaby - Missouri
I have been a wiccan for 8 years now but, no little. My family believes it's a black mark on the soul. I'm looking for help and guidance.

Starrfire - Joplin, Missouri
I am a natural witch. I like all things odd and supernatural. I am looking to make friends to cast a circle and become a coven with.

Jupiter36 - Poplar Bluff Missouri
I'm a 36 year old single pagan male with an influence on wiccan also looking for a single pagan female with the same interests

sheldon - kansas city, missouri
looking for a genuine and potent spell caster witch or warlock, who can get it done, without any excuses. like the old days.

nightowl69 - st Charles,Missouri
Hello,I am seeking a vision,and in of guidance. Very new at this. . thank you

Jadedbelle - Missouri
I am a follower of the old ways, my family originated from Ireland! I try to help all whom seek it!

scsr - Vanzant, Missouri
We are a married couple with 3 kids at home. We are eclectic witches with a small family coven. we have a website for pagan homeschoolers: http://mis

blueshiningstar - Washington Missouri
Learning more every day keeps your mind healthy

LordAries33 - Springfield missouri
I want to watch Olympus burn.

afaust31 - conway Missouri
Have some celtic ties due to relations of Norwegian as well as some Scottish and irish

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