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Fellow Wiccans in Ohio

tiny_mouse - Southwest Ohio
I am just starting to learn the craft and forge my path. I'm currently looking for a coven or teacher.

Magickmalik - Springfield ohio
Im 33 ive been studying for 10 years diffent magickal systems voodoo and santaria are my favorite but i study everything

eveL - Springfield Ohio
I'm a lover of the earth at peace,I wish to become friends with you all and learn what is needed for me to have my dream funeral,I believe it's the mo

Chobit - Heath, Ohio
I have always been called some what of a flower child. Learning its is actually called an emotional empath. Almost 30 years old and everything is chan

tinkerbell0809 - ohio
I am some what new to the craft. I have practiced on and off for a number of years.

OakenForest85 - Stark County Ohio
Young man looking for like minded individuals to accompany him in the great walk through the first of life.

Lila0202 - Ohio
Iím just looking for some like minded people. Harm none, do as you will.

faygogluttony - Cincinnati, Ohio
Looking for a wicca or eclectic coven in the west chester/mason/dayton/cincinnati area! HMU with details if any are found!

Rachum09 - Marietta, ohio
New to all of this. Still in the learning process.

Livtarot - Ohio
Catholicism & Paganism

AttenDance - Canton, Ohio
Like the saying goes " accept me as I am or watch me as I go" My I am statements,lol : I am a "natural witch " (both sides although they were di

feleciaholmes - akron ohio
iam a witch I have been on my own now iam wanting to start my own coven or join one

moonchild73 - Lorain, Ohio
Ecclectic Wiccan and Esoteric studies. Self-proclamed High Priest. Natural witch. Tarot, astrology, spirit sensitivity, etc.

SpacyTracy - Cleveland Ohio
I'm 38 yrs old, hqve six children, I'm in a relationship, I'm also a recovering heroin addict.

why_the_wind - Ohio
I feel something of a "calling?" There is a family history of sorts. Perhaps it is my "time"? Seeking guidance.

why_in_the_wind76 - Ohio
I feel something of a "calling?" There is a family history of sorts. Perhaps it is my "time"? Seeking guidance.

SpectraStarfury - Findlay Ohio
My hand-fastened husband and i just moved to Findlay Ohio and are hoping to find other like minded individuals such as ourselves

Jazmineflower - Ohio
I am very new to this. I have always been interested in the witchcraft. And decieded it was time to expexplorINg have 1 book to help, but also looking

Velamuna - Akron, Ohio
Looking for like-minded individuals to better understand with.

Seeress - Columbus, Ohio
Forever changing.

woodspirit - ohio
I,ve been in the craft along time looking too start up my own coven,and help those in need.

RyuOakdew - Canton Ohio
Canton Ohio - Wizard

Koiman - Dayton Ohio 45405
Looking for more friends to help me in my journey in Wiccan life and looking for a coven

kanekane420 - canton , Ohio
had a small ceremony on the 21st but it was spent in the wrong company id like to get together with people who know whats up i seem to be the only one

Eternalman549 - Ohio
In touch with my inner being..... always learning new ways to express myself and connect to my inner self!

sammieloveeveryone - Ohio
Loving, honest, caring and devoted seeker. Looking for friends and someone special to connect and share my life with.

SkyDiamonds - Columbus Ohio
Ask me anything Just know iv only studied little . but have studied since 13

TheSpiderRaccoon - Ohio
I've been a Wiccan for a couple months, and I'm still discovering my path. I love making new friends.

moonchildAlly - Eastern, Ohio
Been practicing for about two years, looking to talk to people with similar interests.

Tajrl0325 - Ohio
I'm a empath. I've practiced under one of the oldest Wiccans in florida.

Hfishel - Ohio

brendaolson - Ohio
Brenda Olson works both as a health and medical consultant/ advisor at buyabortionpillrx.net. Nevertheless, before entering into medical advisory cour

thou_wilt89 - Dayton,ohio
Continue to seek knowledge

NastassjaScott - Dayton Ohio
I am a beginner in the arts and would like to learn everything I can.

cbusch43 - ohio
Reaching my Destiny

melissa_davis_7938 - cleveland, ohio
new to the path and would like to get to others in the area.

Rathe - Eaton Ohio
Free Spirit, Love animals, and very creative, looking for a coven, and to learn as much as I can. Single looking for a Wiccan here in Ohio near me. Gu

zarinawinddancer - Jefferson Ohio
Hi everyone.. New to this BUT very excited. Blessed Be

Blackmoon1982 - Mansfield, ohio
My fiance and I have lost our way we are trying to find either a coven or someone that will teach us or help us remember. I come from a long line of w

shaebean - Ohio

AvaXXXXA - Ohio
I went through many religions to find my brand of Paganism, a form of Celtic-Wicca. I am young, but I want to learn as much on witchcraft as possible

Jnorris79 - Mansfield ohio
I have been studying and try to teach my oldest son about the wiccan way. We are looking for solo practitioners of the craft to chill with and learn t

Eekaboo - Ohio
I am being attacked and am in serious need of help

Zarina - Jefferson Ohio

Crowe - Delaware, Ohio
Solitary looking for like minded people

Katelon15 - Cleveland ohio
I'm a cool mellow person

Helynn18 - Berea ohio
I am transgender i am a high priestess

jessicaw3 - Cleveland Ohio
I'm a 28 year old mother. I'm have a my plz don't hit on me. I need help castin spells

Mystical_Azura - Lima ohio
I'm 20 and looking to join or create a new coven. I am still new to the wiccan community and I want to learn more. Email me if you could help me.

StartingOverInLife - middletown ohio
grand mother to 5, disabled, starting new page in life,have always believed but just now have time to get really involvedwith learning. need ideas on

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