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Fellow Wiccans in Oregon

ArochnBran - Florence, Oregon
I have been a practising pagan/occultist for the better part of 30 years. I have taught Tarot, Runes, Wicca, Lucifarianism (no relation to the Christi

KatorinaBlack - Medford, Oregon
Hello, I am a practicing nature witch and pagan going on 9 years. I would love to make friends with like-minded individuals and am looking to start a

Mufasajones - Oregon
I've been practicing solitarily wicca for 2 years. I could be putting more effort into my practices. I will take any advice or a scense of direction

Gnoden - Oregon, Corvallis
I am a Wiccan with speciality in potions, energy channeling, and talismans. I am looking to create a new coven in 2018. This will be my 3rd coven crea

KalonaStrega - Eugene, Oregon
Greetings my sisters and brothers. I am a eclectic witch. I live in the Eugene area. I enjoy meeting fellow wiccans, pagans, Druids, and all other wal

Cherbear64 - Salem, Oregon
I have always leanned towards the Wicca and need for a sisterhood. I feel like this is were I belong. Looking for a covsn and to learn Im very new. I

emberjade - Medford, Oregon
I'm Ember. Im a Genderfluid bisexual and I'm just starting out in the wiccan religion. Im a fox therian who believes in reincarnation. My birthdate i

Waffle - Oregon
I’m a simple person with a complicated past. I am a comic book nerd.

Lunarpisces - Portland Oregon
Paganism and Wicca have always called to me. I Just started studying on my own.

MorganaPendragon100 - Corvallis , Oregon
I am a beginner in Arthurian Tradition and seeking like minded people to connect and meet up with.

Jeyela - Beaverton Oregon
I am fairly new to paganism and consider myself as eclectic at this point. Would love to join a coven but having trouble connecting with the communit

DragonLove83 - Klamath falls Oregon
My name is Johanna Gobbin I have been trying to get in touch with other wiccans so I can get more information about local covens In the area

NightOwl76 - Oregon
I'm married with two daughters. I love witchcraft and all things Wiccan.

Richard81 - Portland Oregon
I am a newly practicing wiccan and I am working actively trying to learn everything about this path that my spirit has brought me to.

goddessHECITA101 - albany oregon
I was born in sibiu romania and im a gypsy becam an orphan on my 4th birhday

goddesshecita - albany oregon
I was born in sibiu romania and im a gypsy becam an orphan on my 4th birhday

Rastaman0420 - Oregon
Just a wiccan stoner

CHARON - Eugene, Oregon
I'm a eclectic witch who is looking for some like minded people to found a coven with. Particularly teens

RavenHaven13 - Oregon
I am a beginner. Just starting the path of my craft and new to Eugene Oregon so I am looking for workshops groups and new people with like-minded.

MasteringMyself - oregon
have always been intrigued by magic as a kid id create spells and potions obviously not accurately. now as and adult ive been doing my studying on it.

Crzyempath - Salem, Oregon
I'm looking for likeminded people in my area. I was in a large coven in another town and since moving, I really want to reconnect with similar souls.

Moonglade - Beaverton, Oregon
I've been a solitary witch for 20 years. Interested in mysticism, spell-casting, and all energy workings.

Quinnia - Oregon
I am a Portland-based Fine Art Photographer, Designer, and Artist. My style is emotional, dark, and emphatic, drawing continued inspiration from moder

Zorgof - Corvallis, Oregon
I am A pagan since 1981 and I have been looking for kindred spirits.

LittlePaganWolf - Salem, Oregon
Have always had an interest in Pagan culture, and would love to meet others in my area, or join some group rituals with seasoned and experienced witch

Aleepoohzle - Central Oregon
Hello! My name is Alex I am 21 and I am an empath. I am currently beginning my journey into the Wiccan world!

BlackStarOshaUnplugged - Eugene, Oregon
I am a hereditary witch who practices both solitary and with a coven (currently solitary though) and would love to connect with some other local pries

PrismParanoid - Salem, Oregon
Hello! I'm Conrí. I have practiced witchcraft for many years but I'm still searching for a belief or practice that fits me the best. I'm excited to me

Angel1983 - Klamath Falls oregon
I have been studying Wicca since I was 13 years old and I have been a solo practitioner ever since. I am looking to join a coven or a church so I can

Sorcy - Oregon
Grew up in AZ. Eclectic pagan. Solitary, but thinking about seeking a coven.

Allybug97 - OR - Oregon
I'm an 18 year old female used to practice witchcraft daily but haven't in 2 years and need to get back into it (:

Robert373509 - Portland oregon
I wanna learn more

bugbugbug - Tillamook oregon

VailDamara - Oregon
Mildly hellenic Hedge-Witch. I love this community so far, and I want to learn as much about wiccan culture as I can.

gangstamarykatmomma - Medford Oregon UsA
I love my fiance and have a Yar and a half year olds and a four and a half month old

Springwater - Oregon mountains
I live in the mountains

Katnyp - Oregon
Eclectic Wiccan with strong Native American background; past member of AIM; I'm at home out in Nature. Artist and animal rights activist.

fairygoddesses1979 - Salem Oregon
I like to hang out and enjoy nature and everything that is around me all the wonderful and beautiful mother I have been practicing pagan for almost a

aprilhaney29 - Grants pass Oregon
Hi my name is April and I'm a cool ass chick and I love to have fun

Spacecadet - Salem Oregon
Need help learning about all things natural and spiritual and am looking to meet people interested in learning together.

Gosphen - Eugene, Oregon
I'm a solitary witch looking to join a coven for further teaching and there's strength in numbers

RiversAlwaysReachTheSea3 - Salem Oregon
I am new to Pagan practices! Very electric and open minded. Looking for fellow sisters and brothers or a coven to expand my mind and magic with.

RiversAlwaysReachTheSea - Oregon
I am new to Pagan practices! Very electric and open minded. Looking for fellow sisters to expand my mind and magic with.

GroundZer0s - Salem, Oregon
I'm a mix of beliefs and my work does delve into wicca but I consider myself outside wicca. Eclectic witch, looking for others in town to hang with. I

HecateRavenHood33 - Wood village oregon
I am a beginner... I feel that this is the right path for me... And I need help with my craft... I have a learning disability and it makes it difficul

Abodnar - Oregon city
Trying to find what my beliefs are rooted in , what part of Wiccan they come from

CrystalWinter - Medford Oregon
I would love to join a coven down here in Medford. if anyone knows of one or wants to create one email me. I am a grey Draconic witch and I am looki

MythIncDragon - Hubbard, Oregon

Mistress8767 - Portland, Oregon
Really want to learn more about Wicca because I've been drawn to it for about 4 years as a secret practitioner.

Mars98 - Oregon
New witchling who is eager to find friends that I can learn from or learn with. My tumblr is aliceyouregone so if you have a tumblr, I follow back!

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