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Fellow Wiccans in Texas

xXDragonQueenXx - Paris, Texas
I'm very new to this. I'm just looking for guidance.

ShadowFire - Texas
I am A Shaman, A Christian, and A Witch that is very Wicca friendly. Drop me a line I would love to hear from you!

_koi - Texas

Karee - Houston, Texas
Hello everyone, I'm Kerri and I am new to the Wicca world and would love to learn more and connect with others.

ricegirl - Texas
Curious. I find the Wiccan religion amd general Pagan Wicca community incredibly fascinating. I am mostly here to learn as much as possible. If

Tazmanian - Amarillo, Texas
I am a very friendly and caring person who is eclectic and big into the wiccan life. I live in Amarillo, Texas and I am looking to get involved in the

lvacosta - El Paso Texas
Hello I am a mother of 3, with the interest of learning more, and talk about my experiences, and maybe get guidance and answers. Thank you


Hanna088 - Amarillo Texas
Eclectic, green, hedge, kitchen, earth, energy, and crystal are my favored styles - but sort of new, been into pagan practice for roughly a year or tw

Destin4greatness - Dallas Texas
Just trying to become a witch need a mentor

Kacie - Belton Texas
A solitary but thinking about finding a coven.

Shadow_EmeraldFox - Hillsboro, Texas
I am a practitioner of witchcraft and Wicca for the last year. I am mainly focused on "green" Magick (known as Wortcunning), as well as "Brown" Magick

sureviagra - Texas
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PipeBearer15 - Central Texas
I am not sure I am a witch, but I am drawn to the music. I studied with the Native Americans for 15 years and became a pipe bearer. I was born with

el_bard - Texas
I've been around a few years and practicing since my teens.

Yolicast - Texas
Married. RN but disabled. Told by my mother a very respected old curandera I was born with the Gift. I need mentor or a coven to help me start this jo

Itz0nlyM3 - Texas
New to the Wiccan lifestyle!

Createaline - Weatherford, Texas
Solitary. My wife and I own Buchanan's Antiquities and Militaria in Weatherford, Texas. We welcome all religions to our business and have added a li

medicineshoprx - Texas
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Mrl1980 - Texas
Want to learn more about the wiccan way......

Stevenp - Texas
New to Wicca. Someone please help me get involved.

MorrganFae76 - Texas
Born with Gift although just embracing them 100%, Looking a place or group where I can learn my craft and how to control my gifts.

Amelia9 - Poteet, Texas
I started the Wiccan path a year ago, not very long at all! I also have an interests in other paths as well such as Kemet, Celtic, and traditional sha

Kristina - Texas

Mommawolf15 - Odessa texas
I'm a single mom who is trying to carry on the family traits of my mother who was a wiccan and I too am still kind a new to it but would love to learn

Kelticwind - East Texas
Merry Meet! eclectic and eccentric my search has lead down many paths. Looking for fellow travelers on the path of life.

darkleigh - Texas
Heavy into Wicca in my late teens and early twenties, I am looking to get back into the community and make new friends.

EarthGoddessCarla - Dallas Texas
I am a natural born Pagan, I did not choose this path nor am I thrilled about it. But it awakened full force 8 years ago when things began to happen

Ash318ash - Arlington texas
Hello Im very new to craft looking forward to meeting new friends and learning

uculet - Texas (TX)
I am honest, direct, nurturing, genuine, kind, intuitive, highly communicative, and emotionally intelligent man. Empath. Truth-seeker. Life path

PaganWolf - Willis, Texas
You may call me Wolfie. Eyes: left is green, and my right is mostly blue. Hair: black with red, blue and green highlights. Piercings: tons..

Adaryn - Georgetown, Texas
I'm a hard polytheist, green Witch, chaos Witch, mother of 3 teenagers. I've been studying my path for about 20 years. I love anime, video games, book

marcellhines - Texas
I am Marcella Hines, medical researcher on women’s health. Working with doctors and health groups, I have amassed a vast knowledge on pregnancy care.

Splashgirl1961 - Desoto, Texas south of Dallas
I've been in the craft since my mid 20's! Have been a part of several traditions! I love to meet and share with like minded people! Brightest bless

Selenelunanyx - San Antonio, Texas
I'm 15 years old, I live with my Dad, Step-Mom, little brother and my dog, Zombie.I am in YemeneWolf's coven, and my goddess is Nyx, the goddess of n

Redmooncelt - Ore city, texas
I am new to the wiccan/pagan beliefs. I would love it if i could find someone locally who believes in this. I could use a teacher. Or if there is anyo

Catkin - Rockwall, Texas
I was initiated in a Gardnarian ceremony spring of 1978; have studied for many years. Hoping to find other Wiccans in the Rockwall Texas area. Bless

gaia2006 - central texas
I'm new to wiccan. I'm looking to get to know others and learn more!

nyogsothep - Texas
I'm curious about Wicca, and I'm also doing a project involving it.

alexs - Texas, San Antonio

Scorpio_Quedee - Texas

scg3936 - Texas
Wanting to delve into the beauty of Wicca. I have felt it calling to me, I seek the help and knowledge of others to help me in this journey on Earth.

CelticRogue - Texas
I'm close to Austin, TX and looking to share thoughts and ideas with like-minded souls ★

Ciel - Texas
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Beatrice_Goddess - Willis texas

SugarKitten77 - Texas
I'm a baby Wiccan that's trying to find her way and make new good friends that I can talk to about certain things.

bev_gonzalez - McAllen, Texas
Hi, I'm new again to Wicca. I'm learning more again. I was interested in reading about it when I was young but I grew up in a heavy Christian househol

David333 - Texas
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darkiiver - Joshua, Texas
Hello, I have recently found my true path as a Wiccan so I am fairly new and I'm currently seeking out for a mentor or coven to help guide me.

VanoraAdalwolf - Baytown, Texas

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