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Fellow Wiccans in Utah

WaterLynnlearning - Hildale, Utah
Hello! I am new to Wicca. I'm interested in talking with people who can help me learn the ways. I began looking into the Wiccan practice after moving

Jguzman23 - Ogden, Utah
I have always been interested in Wicca but fell out of it for awhile. Would love to meet some amazing people who can take me under their wing and teac

SageCat - St. George, Utah
I'm an eclectic witch, and a self described Grey Witch. I've been practicing The Craft since I was 10, was solitary for a number of years. But I've re

SparrowMoonRiver - Ogden Utah
I just moved to ogden in 05/17 and looking to meet people like myself. I am young in the craft but have been studying and practicing for about a year.

SolSeeker - Utah
I have been a practicing Wiccan since 1996. I follow an eclectic, solitary path but have recently started working towards my first degree in the Corre

CalypsoClaire - Ogden Utah
Moved to Ogden in 6/17 and am looking to connect with like minded folk. Mostly solitary for almost 20 years but always looking to experience new thing

Threnia54 - Utah
I am new to Wicca and really just want to learn about the different aspects of being a witch. I am very interested in natural and herbal healing.

dragonfly3812 - Elmo, Utah
I am an eclectic pagan and a dedicated Wiccan. I am currently looking for others who may be interested in a coven or just friendship among the like mi

PaganLily - Cedar City, Utah
Just moved to a small town. Trying to connect with like minded people

artistflytte - Utah
I'm a transgender wiccan who's obsessed with musicals voltron, drawing, and wants to be an author one day.

Bastet4242 - Cedar City, Utah
I'm Pagan & I'm looking for a coven in Cedar City, Utah. I'd rather start my own so if you're interested please contact me at craw_sal@yahoo.com or a

Bast - Cedar City, Utah
I'm Pagan & I'm looking for a coven in Cedar City, Utah. I'd rather start my own so if you're interested please contact me at craw_sal@yahoo.com or a

williow - utah county
I am following a celtic path looking for friends I love energy work and being at one


scottish67 - Provo Utah, USA
I was raised Christian. I'm just a guy looking for the truth. I like music and the outdoors. I am not vegan but I do have a deep respect for life.

Juniperstarling - Ogden Utah
I am new to Wicca. I am a solitary practitioner but I am seeking guidance from more experienced peoples.

wolfywitch - Utah

sagemoon - Utah
Wiccan devotee of Athena, Hecate, and Cernunnos.

whitchydarling - manti utah

Richardpearce - Utah
Well I am new to Wicca, use to be a Christian but Wicca spoke to me and I feel like I am looking for a coven to belong too

SerenityMoon11 - Logan, Utah
New to Wicca and would really like to meet others like me to talk to and learn from.

Zanphier - Helper Utah
born and raised wiccan looking to meet others if u have a question ask

Seanofthedead - Smithfield, Utah
Pretty new to Wiccan but would love to meet someone in or close to the cache valley area I can talk to about it and learn from.

blondegirl26 - Utah
Im interested in wicca/paganism. i have no friends here and i hope that will change!!! maybe someone could teach me what they know, im interested but

MidnightVixen - west valley city utah
Ive been a witch most of my life. 2 kids and a positive relationship. Im looking for friends who wont judge.

charmbirdEmily - Sandy, Utah

Eagle000 - Springville Utah
I was raised around the Wiccan beliefs and would like to further take part in our community. Looking for a good teacher who can show me and teach me t

wiccanpeace - Salt Lake City, Utah
I am new to wicca, and would love to chat about it with other people.

Akhkharu9 - Clearfield Utah

Abyconnia_Ravenwolf - 1518 candellaria Dr. Tooele, Utah

Joey106 - ogden utah
Greetings! I have been into the craft for 22 years. I have been a solitary, but am interested in meeting like minded people. BLESSED BE!

gypsyjean - Cedar City Utah
Double Ordained High Priestess Dianic Coven Mother Mother of Utah Goddess Temple

Bpeacock - Utah
I have always been very drawn to wicca, and anything witch. I love halloween! I'm trying to learn more about it and need a mentor

Gatos498 - Utah
Hi, I've always been interedted in Wicca, read about it and am determining wether or not to start practicing it, so I wanted to find others who could

danb - Tooele, Utah
I'm an ex Mormon. I am agnostic leaning pagan in the sense that I can wrap my head around the worship and celebration of nature, the changing seasons,

SavannaSky - Roy Utah
Hi, my name is Savanna Sky, a trained Oracle in the Wiccan/Pagan community for the past 14+ years. I am a member of the church of the sacred circle an

Jamie23blue - Utah
I'm new to all this! Would love to learn more and possibly meet people to practice with :)

ArwenoftheElves - Ogden, Utah
Im new to Wicca and I would like to learn as much as I can and hopefully as fast as I can

KajaIsForeverAlone - Orem utah
I'm fairly new to wicca. I've been searching for books but haven't found any, so I've been looking at the internet. I'm looking to find people that ca

ladymoonriver - Richfield, Utah
I am a solitaire eclectic witch from Utah... I have been practicing the Craft for more than 25 years....

Talayssamoon - Utah
New to wicca and wanted to talk with people who share my interests.

bam284 - Logan, Utah
Solitary Wiccan

RJ17 - Beaver, Utah (Pocatello, ID fall through spring)
I've recently discovered Wicca, and I think that I need a little guidance with my practice

Amele5 - North Logan, Utah
Fairly new to Wicca, but I really want to meet someone I can talk to about WIcca.

MestarLienk - utah
Hello, I am a male witch that has been looking for a coven for quite some time now. I would be honored to join any if possible.

Ronette - st george Utah
Ive always benn intrested in wiccans and would luv to be able to associate and get to know someone that can help me in many ways. Can u help me?

Dark_black_rose - Utah
Stronge independent woman,new to wicca,want to learn more about it,loves life. Single mother to a wonderful daughter.

akumayugure - Riverdale utah
I've only practiced some wicca for a while now. I only recently have full gotten into it and have so many questions.

Ars_Imagonem - Ogden, Utah
To Know, To Dare, To Will, To Keep Silence

karmanjtiffany - RIVERTON UTAH

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