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Fellow Wiccans in chicago

Wadamaa - Chicago, Il
I've been studying the esoteric for 3 or 4 years now, and am still only getting started on this massive wealth of knowledge. Meditation, astral trave

KavaKavaCoven - Chicago
26 year old white/healing Witch, desperate to find or start a coven with good peoples. I specialize in herbology and holistic hypnosis (holistic pract

vmaglord - Chicago

Devin333 - Chicago, IL
23 year old guy, kinda curious about this kindaf stuff...looking for friends I could hang out with that actually think about deaper meanings of life,

Goddess1006 - Chicago il
Believe I was born to be wiccan ive always had a strong connection to earth and water even as a little girl but I'm new to the path

Jaymz72 - Chicago, IL
I have been studying and practicing magick for about 25 years. I am also a Buddhist. I know that may seem like an odd combination but the two complime

hereandthere - Chicago
Looking to meet new people and make friends and learn

Theeastwitch - Chicago
I'm a beginner who's looking for friend's that I can share an explore an help me find my path in this religion as a practing Witch & live by the law

roundmidnight - chicago
Christian/Trinatarian Wiccan, Pansexual,Grayasexual,Libertarian

direwolf11 - Chicago
looking for like-minded spiritual people to talk to

HoodWitch - Chicago, IL

DreadfulFun68 - West Suburbs, Chicago, IL
Hey there! I'm just a solitary witch looking for like-minded people to befriend and learn with. I'd love to join a coven, but am willing to wait to fi

DemiGoddess - Chicago Il, Albany Park
My name is Dominique aka Domo I'm from the Northside of Chicago 30 year old.. But look younger Aquarius Heart Bisexual, demi-sexual , witchy and

LanaAnastasya - Chicago

Apointcollapsing - Chicago
Chicago warlock

xelena - Chicago
I have decided that I want to be a Wiccan. I'd like to also meet others and learn as much as I can. I live near the city feel free to message me

innthesun - Chicago
Interested in learning about.

RiaIgnazio - Chicago, North/West Side
Hello! (I'm not fully female, I'm demiflux but I don't care what pronouns you use :3) I have been studying wicca for almost a month now, and I

Phedx - Chicago
I am at the federal halfway house I just served 10 and 8 months for Bank Robbery I'm looking to expand my knowledge of the Old Religion.. I'll be rele

alicedivines - Chicago
City of Chicagoan seeking other witches.

A_D_O_R_A - Chicago
I am now just starting and i'm really interested. I am in college, A psychology major. I like to read,listen to music, dance,etc. But I am really inte

Nights2 - Chicago
Looking to connect with others. To work and learn

Scarlett - Chicago

Sinnerfae - Chicago, il
Lonely wittle witch who needs help.

Capricornus314 - Chicago
Looking to connect with like minded pagans, Wiccans, witches, ect with the SOLE intent of friendship and furthering my understanding of my spiritualit

Light_Weaver - Chicago

lolastar13 - Chicago Illinois
Iv been into wicca my whole life but I always wanna learn more and find friends who share this interest with

Lady_Wicca - Chicago
I am a trinitarian-Wicca.

Lunix - Chicago
I just want to believe in the stars and humanity and kindness.

xsuXiaosumisu - Chicago
I would like to learn as much as i can about magic and witches, I believe magic is the origin of everything

ellerockett - Chicago-West Suburbs
I am looking for Wiccan friends and a mentor. I am new to Wicca. Feel free to message me. ��

Geneva - Chicago, Illinois

iridescentaura - Chicago, Il
Looking for wiccan/pagan friends, this particular world can get pretty lonely. 😩 Ask for my phone number, looking for life long friendships.

JadeV - Logan square chicago Ill

Yamah - Chicago

AdoniaLona - Chicago,IL
Basically looking for some Wiccan friends :) I decided that I'm ready to commit myself entirely to the spiritual ways of Wicca. Don't hesitate to mes

raycatback - Chicago
I'm trying to find a teacher to teach me witchcraft I'm very new but it and I need somebody to teach me cuz I'm very interested in learningI would lik

Lunarspirit - Chicago
I've been teaching myself witchcraft for a while. I want a teacher that is more experienced... I'm not out of the broom closet yet..

Jmf003 - Chicago, IL, Lakeview
Solitary witch looking to dive deeper with others of a like mind. Let's meet for coffee and see what happens.

john2144 - chicago
Hello my name is John how r u to get to the I'm very interested in becomeing a wiccan and was looking for someone to teach me more about it on a perso

A_Unknown_Prince - Chicago/Cicero IL
Learning magick (ceremonial) etc looking to meet people with good heart and spirit that's on the same path if not I can see straight threw you and see

JocelynAnn - Chicago South Suburbs
I'm new to wicca and am looking for a coven or teacher to help me learn.

nani45 - chicago
new to this feel free to message me willing to learn ANYTHING

RishadBlack - Chicago

Phoenix1123 - chicago
I am very free spirited, and strong minded.

NataliaAntoinette - Chicago
I am searching for a spiritual teacher to guide me through Wiccan rituals. I am a Sagittarius, and a lunar Leo.

raven2 - Chicago, Il.
I was the son of the Mardukin when our valley was Sumeria. A child of Apsu 7 tiamet when the land was Mesopotania. My great grandparents were ea & D

wiccanalynnse - Chicago
I am a solitary witch looking to find new friends who are Wiccan also. I enjoy spirituality, meditation, reading, singing, and nature walks.

Goddess81 - Chicago
New to this..I am very interested in learning this.

brxnda - Chicago
Hi, I'm new to this whole thing and just trying to figure out if this is right for me.

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