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Fellow Wiccans in dallas

xxsmiley3xx - Dallas tx
I have been practicing since the 3rd grade and have a strong pull n will to teach others what I know as I know it would brighten all our white light w

TaylorElizabeth - Dallas
Was raised catholic but feel a strong pull towards paganism and Wicca. I'm looking for a mentor/coven to help me begin my journey. Can be reached at t

SupernaturalWitch - Dallas, tx
Hey ya'll!! Blessings all around! I've been practicing witchcraft since I was in my early 20's. I've been a solo-witch for most of that time until rec

CythereaSkyclad - South Dallas
I been a Solitary Wiccan for 27 yrs. I believe in working with dignities, I do spells, use tarot, honor the sabbats and Esbats. I feel very connected

PrimroseEmpath - Far North Dallas/Southern Denton
I am more of a solitary practitioner these days, though I have been in an intimate circle before. I am just looking to connect with others in the area

Destin4greatness - Dallas Texas
Just trying to become a witch need a mentor

Rekx99 - Dallas,Tx
I am seeking for help in developing experience in witchcraft. Message me pls if you are offering guidance to beginners.

Riola - Dallas
Want to learn

robertjeter0808 - Dallas, tx
Been learning the "old ways" for a few years now. Still learning.

EarthGoddessCarla - Dallas Texas
I am a natural born Pagan, I did not choose this path nor am I thrilled about it. But it awakened full force 8 years ago when things began to happen

JackInTx - NE Dallas/Casa Linda
Solo practitioner in Pagan and Wiccan lifestyles wanting to learn and share experiences with like minded people.

CalamityJane - Dallas
Hello! I am interested in finding others to share & practice with.

BleedHart20 - Dallas Tx
Looking to start a coven. With open minded people. One's who are very interested in the occult and magick. HMU Local Witches!!

Splashgirl1961 - Desoto, Texas south of Dallas
I've been in the craft since my mid 20's! Have been a part of several traditions! I love to meet and share with like minded people! Brightest bless

daishadaisy - Dallas
I have been practicing spiritual healing and protection for about 6 years, My focus has always been geared towards spiritual healing, opening spiritua

Suntra - Dallas, texas
Practiced Buddhism for about 6 years and was introduced to the true meaning of Wicca within the past year (ironically around Halloween). I have a 3 ye

Lovejoanna - Dallas
Novice, Solitaire Pagan. Wanting to meet more like minded people to help me on my journey. I love learning ancients beliefs, history, practices, and c

JeniferGamelli - Cedar Hill / Dallas Tx
Been studying paganism and other new age paths since 7th grade. (15 years) have never practiced with others. Looking to meet some new friends and find

Violetrose - Dallas, Texas
Looking to meet someone close by to practice spells with and get to know

Mimi - Dallas, Texas
Hey! New to area would like to meet like-minded people and someone to give me more insight to Wicca I can be emailed at stwentythird@gmail.com

anton515 - Dallas
I am latino male that has a history deep rooted Catholicism as its past and pagan history as its undertone. I am studying every day and practicing wha

bobbijean90 - Dallas, TX
New to this. Looking for someone to help me learn. Always felt something was missing.

Morbidfaehippie - Dallas, TX
I'm a very spiritual person. Quiet, kind, sensitive, weird. I prefer time in nature by myself than with ppl. I study many difrent paths, like Hinduism

embadillo77 - dallas
I'm new to wicca and finding a new path in my life, in a short time I have seen a drastic change in my way of seeing things and my surroundings I was

Alena - Dallas, TX
Merry meet! I have been practicing for 3 years. Am interested in meeting like minded people to learn from/with.

shanda - Dallas
I am a transgender witch Not very versed in Wicca

aelinamorgan - Dallas
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Arista - dallas
I'm new to the wiccan faith and I'm still studying it and would love to learn more and meet new people

Phoenix86 - Dallas, TX
Been in solitary practice for a while now, but want to meet others and branch away from my comfort zone.

Fitch_The_Sith - Dallas, TX
I know nothing about being a wiccan. I'm hoping that someone can teach me :]

ObeyDivine - Dallas, Tx

pisces89 - Dallas, TX
I'm new to wicca and I'm wanting to find someone that help me to more understand what I've been reading about.

micaelamoose - Dallas oregon
I have witchcraft in my blood going back several hundred years...Although I went the Christian route for many years, my eyes were opened to the craft

LuxLegis - Dallas, TX
I am a lawyer in Dallas, TX looking to consult with an experienced Wiccan about metaphysical assistance. I am not interested in sex, money, or fame. I

teneanne - Dallas,Oregon
Was introduced to Wicca by my ex and I love it want to learn and know more.

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Omgoddess - Dallas
Hi there! I'm an energetic healer and medium that's been practicing folk magic here in Dallas for about 20 years. I love to teach and I love to learn.

techtoaster - Dallas, Tx
Grew up Wiccan, parents are wiccan, can't find other wiccans, want to practice with other people, it's 3 in the morning so I can't really force myself

JanChan - Dallas, PA
I have been an eclectic Wiccan practitioner for about 40 years. I am looking for anyone in Dallas, PA to practice with.

murphy81 - dallas

okkkmykk - Dallas,Texas
Hello im not new to wicca or witchcraft and been studying since i was 12 but i still have ALOT to learn and id love help

lowrider12343 - Dallas Texas
I'm wanting to find a teacher they can have Skype sessions and help me out on my path enlightenment in for charity my skype name is lowrider12343

Jamiew93 - Dallas tx
I am jasmine i am 20 years old i live in dallas tx i have been a wiccan/witch since i was 14 but for some reson i cant find my powers out n i would li

Finalresident - Dallas, Texas
From a Disbanned coven, seeking new coven to join, I'm still new to Wicca and seeking to learn more,

dandaltx - Dallas, TX
Gay Man

ThebanArcana - Dallas, Tx
I'm a solitary eclectic, though my craft consists mostly of folk magic. I'm still fairly new to the path but have learned so much already. I'm friendl

tealsnowflake - Dallas Oregon
Looking for like minded people to converse with. Been practicing wicca for while now, would like to see about putting a coven together.

tsilva - Dallas

karianne - lake dallas
I've been wiccan forever it seems. I'm 36 married and a mom of 6 total. Animal lover, gamer, tattooed and i think pretty easy going.

Lowrider - Dallas tx
Im a wiccan and I love the earth

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