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Fellow Wiccans in florida

Watersprite - Central Florida
New and exploring pagan and wicca

Morriganvic - Broward Florida
I am a pagan/wiccan will be happy to meet some felow withces to share and learn

GypsyJeanTodd - Northwest Florida Panhandle
Pagan Healer

Diamondchild - ocala florida
I'm new to the wiccan ways. I am going to the Scared Mist Collage learning the way of wiccans. And I look for a coven to join

necroticvvolf - Davenport, Florida
My name is Ruby. My bloodline is Pagan, and thus I am in search of a local coven.

Naty - Miami, Florida
New to Wicca! Looking for friends and/or mentor.

Saucier78 - Margate, Florida
Love, Live and Laugh within the balance of the Tree of Life. As Above so Below...

WizardofAgape - Central Florida
Looking to form a Coven of like minded people.

Efromparrish - Florida
New to this and looking to learn as much as possible while meeting new friends during the process.

Lovingmoonchild - Clearwater florida
I've been practicing for years I'm all love and light and and I'm a seeker

Scorpiowitch - Florida

JadeTheWiccan01 - Florida
I am a Pagan in a Christian family, trying to find my path as a Wiccan

Tamy - Central Florida
I have been trying to find my way as a pagan for about 20 years. I try to learn by reading and my Celtic heritage. I could always use some good advice

Magician699 - Lakeland florida
I'm a Scorpio very intuitive searching my universe for followers like myself

Magician69 - Lakeland florida
I'm a Scorpio very intuitive searching my universe for followers like myself

MissyWierts - Jacksonville, Florida

Eems - Florida
new too wicca, aspiring author. Currently writing about various forms of wicca and other practices. I would like to know what I'm writing about. Do it

Elric - Florida
I am a Celtic Wiccan,and High Priest of the Coven Empyrean. I am seeking 2 new members to fill out our Central Florida circle. Serious inquiries only

Nimue - Florida
I have been walking the Pagan path for over 25 years. I have been in the same Coven for 15 years. I love meeting new people and making new connectio

Zariahsaturn - FL - Florida
Curious about everything pagan.

Icamjett - Florida

indiefair12294 - Miami. Florida
Hey Everyone, My name is Nelson. I have been practicing Wicca for over 12 years,along with mastering other theology and practices along Pagan beliefs.

bitterwidow - Florida
Widowed mother of 5, just trying to find a new me these days. I'm trying to live again and not just exist. I am just learning about Wicca and I am ve

SpiritualSanctuary - Citrus county, Florida
Looking for some wiccans to message me on Skype and practice with me. I don't wanna go this alone. (Just recently became a wiccan on 5/15/17) my Skype

phoenixjude - Melbourne, Florida
I'm a 17 year old trans boy, and I have been involved with Wicca since I was 12.

Xodiak - Gibsonton, Florida
I'm really interested in becoming wiccan. I'm really drawn to the philosophy of this religion. I'm an overall free spirited person and welcome to guid

Severus617 - Florida

Kittenrose - Daytona beach florida
Im 26 years old and newly exploring the wiccan reglion with the love of my life. He and i are instrested in finding a local group to guide and teach u

travelinglady014 - Florida
I'm looking for a local wiccan that can preform a burial ceremony for a fellow wiccan.

Flossymay47 - Florida
Iam a young teenage girl looking to be taught wicthcraft for im a wicth and have powers bit dont know how to use.

anababyx - Florida
Feel free to add me on my personal accounts, looking forward to meeting great people and hopefully start something! :) Main kik: helloanastasiya S

hopewolf - Florida
I always found myself attracted by wicca, I strongly believe that there is something else above us, that we need to be thankful to nature. I don't kno

JohnHarvath - ocala florida
Love animals,nature and the norse gods.Very carring and protective of those I call friends.Highly interested in wicca and am looking for someone to pr

Moonchild420 - West Palm beach , Florida
In the process of a day and a year commitment, looking for any fellow witches or covens near me , blessed be !

Shellynherboys - FLORIDA
Married mother of two finding a group/coven or just a group of people that think just like me.

GoddessEnchantress - Sebring Florida USA
I'm in need of new group of people I just flew in from west coast I'm very cozy witch who lives in small town its really quaint n neat wouldn't be bad

Rosyn - Florida

BrigantiaDanu - Clearwater, Florida
Solitary Eclectic Witch

NomadicStar46 - Orlando, Florida
This is what I truly believe: If you suffer from having your alignment tainted between temptation and being responsible. Maybe getting involved wi

SweetDreamer - Florida, United States
I am an eclectic witch looking to find other magick practicing friends to share and grow with.

AutumnMoonTarot - Miami, Florida
I live in Miami, Florida and have been reading tarot for a few years but I am new to Wicca. This site seems like a great place to meet others on a sim

Wilson33042 - Little Torch Key, Florida
Solitary practitioner searching for a group or friends.

Knight_Wolf - Florida
Solo practitioner, husband and father of two. I was taught as a solitary but wish to learn more about all things. I have a strong affinity for nature.

PhoenixWhitewolf - Florida
Pagan hanging out on the east coast of Florida, looking for other Pagan, Wiccan, Witch adults.

gmcookie09 - Kendall, Florida
I am new,but I want to learn about the wiccan way...I feel that I belong

researcher2018 - FLORIDA
I am looking to learn more

Christa - Florida

RainbowMoon - Florida
Ive been practicing since i was 12, but there is always so much to learn. Things you wanna know just ask me i look forward to getting to know like min

Luccant - Florida
I only recently started studying wiccan and it has drawn my attention to be closer to goddess of nature

MoonFeather1029 - Florida

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