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Fellow Wiccans in illinois

Mersadies50 - Illinois
Practiced years ago. Stopped, why I dont know. Would like to get back into the craft.meet others like myself.

WitchyWoman05 - Illinois
Very new to Wicca and really looking to learn more and possibly form some friendships in sister and brotherhood.

Hefeke - Illinois

jdracothor - Bloomington Illinois
I am Celtic druid Wicca. That love outdoors, reading, gaming. I have been into Wicca for year and half. I am father of five year boy. I am animal love

Moonchild123 - Champaign, Illinois
I'm very new to Wicca and I would love to connect with likeminded people who could teach me more!

AlyssaPaula - Burr Ridge, Illinois, US
Alyssa Paula built her career in pregnancy care and understanding alternative medicine as well women's health. She is a support writer at abortionpill

Haylee2792 - Illinois
New to all things wiccan just interested learning more.

settingsun - Illinois

Zerari - Illinois
Solitary here looking to meet others and possibly make new friends with an interest in magick and the occult. I would love to chat, learn and work wit

Marshallmallow - Aurora, Illinois
I am fifteen and use he/him pronouns. I am new to religion/spirituality in general, so I'm open to being helped out!

Amenhotepra4 - Illinois
I'm curious about this culture and movement and want to learn about it and meet people I can learn from.

WiccanMisfit81 - Illinois
New to Wicca and all things associated! Looking to socialize with like minded people and learn from more experienced people!

MidnightDisaster - Illinois
Hey everyone I'm new and seriously looking for a mentor.

Corvo - Macomb, Illinois
Greetings! I go by Corvo here. I am very new to the Wiccan lifestyle but my heart tells me this is the path for me. I'm always looking to learn more a

MysticSilverThread - Illinois
Blessed Be! My name is Mystic SilverThread and welcome to my personal spot on the internet. I am an eclectic solitary witch who has been self-dedic

Grgirl99 - Macomb Illinois

moondancer30 - Central Illinois
I am just beginning this journey and very excited as I go along learning more and more trying to work on different spells but no luck but no giving up

elijahkirgan - Illinois
I am looking for a partner who would like to fully embrace a wiccan lifestyle with me. Fairly new so if possible I would also enjoy a teacher. Feel fr

Elmo2010 - Decatur, Illinois
Looking to find wiccan coven. I am a true virgo. Anyobe want to help me????

dodger7232 - Illinois
Merry Meet,I'm dodger name given to me for reasons not to be mentioned in circles unless I know you.

ValFreya - Central Illinois
Natural intuitive. Solitary. Seeking like minds, perhaps coven.

lolastar13 - Chicago Illinois
Iv been into wicca my whole life but I always wanna learn more and find friends who share this interest with

Raigne2016 - Marion, Illinois
I been Wiccan for about 7 years. Interested in meeting other Wiccans to study, research, and practice with.

TeriMac - Pontiac, Illinois
Single... Starting my journey

Ravenlord - Duquoin Illinois
I'm been a solitude witch mostly. I'm looking for some people closer to home to talk and learn from

DaddyKev - Marion Illinois

Razchel - Southern Illinois
Highly Intuitive and Mystic- practitioner of spiritual and holistic health and healing

Virgofire - Illinois
I'm a true virgo! I'm wanting to meet People to study with!

Drakul - Southern illinois
Hey guys I'm new and really wanting to learn. Was given advice to find a coven or group to fit in with

Silvermoon71 - Southeastern Illinois
I'm pagan, have been studying/practicing for almost 30 years. I would like to meet other who are like minded.

Geneva - Chicago, Illinois

Tess_99 - Illinois
I'm 16 and trying to learn the way. It it very difficult to do so in my home where the people around me are against it.

Fire911 - Quincy Illinois
I'm wanting to find one I can learn with in my area

yvonnemarie - mt vernon illinois

blackcatkisses - Illinois
I am just trying to find other wiccans!

VeryScary - Mount Vernon Illinois
I've been pagan since I was eleven years old and I've never had the chance to really talk to any others. I'm looking to network and learn from anyone

prairiewizard - Joliet, Illinois

buckthornman - Illinois
Environmentalist heathen pagan

greytree - Southern Illinois
Just here. Looking around. Wondering where all the interesting people are. Self taught about stuff. Like to meet similar people with similar interest

SapphireSpirit - Illinois

Westflaminglion - Decatur, Illinois
I'm a long standing Wiccan and strong in my beliefs. I'm trying to find people to share stories, spells, and rituals. Please don't ask to see my BOS i

DevinLA - Illinois
I am Devin. Ive been a solitary practitioner for a year now. I own an off-white chihuahua named Stella and a mutt named Bruce

sjuamdmeerland5 - Macomb, Illinois
I have been practicing an eclectic form of Wicca since before I was sixteen. I am looking for others in my area to talk to and for support.

AshRobin - Granite City, Illinois
Merry meet! Hope anyone reading this is having a splendid day/night. I'm always interested in talking to like minded individuals, so don't be shy to s

ChaoticDragon66 - Wamac, Illinois
Been a solitary, natural practitioner of Wicca most of my life. I want to learn more. It's a way of life for me. Blessed Be.

erik71helper - east central illinois
I have been pagan for about a year now. I am left hand path, however, I do believe in helping instead of hurting. I am looking for knowledgeable peopl

Lilacrain - Edwardsville, Illinois
I am new to wicca. looking for anyone nearby to learn from.

Wordman - Illinois
Long term Solitary Eclectic Wiccan in Illinois to meet people that follow similar practice.

Meadowic - Illinois
I've been a pagan for 20 years, but non-practicing until recently. I am looking to share ideas with open minded peers.

amethystrain - Southern Illinois
I'm mostly a solitary witch, I love to learn, and teach ..

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