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Fellow Wiccans in michigan

Probablybre - Manton, Michigan
I've always been interested in Wiccan culture but only recently started looking into it more i would love to learn more and am looking for some guidan

Kitten10191019 - Michigan
I have known that I was a Wiccan but I need someone to help me learn

ttttomcatttt - Pontiac,Michigan

cody - michigan
I'm looking for someone to help guide me down the right path,studied wiccan for years and love it,but befor that was kind of into darker things,hopein

NotSoSaintly - Michigan
Been a practicing witch for over 25 years. Family thing... Just moved to Michigan and looking for folks of like mind.

morbidahlia - Michigan
Practicing wiccan, searching for others who are like minded. My practice is based in healing the body & mind with nutritious food, incantations, and r

sm11386 - Grand Rapids, Michigan

VampireNativeWytch - Michigan City Indiana
High Wiccan Priestess

BlackKat1996 - Ypsilanti, Michigan
I current live in Michigan but will be moving to Wisconsin in 3-4 months. Looking for friends that share my ways of life. I have been a practicing sol

Matthew1248 - Sand Lake, MIchigan
Hello and Greetings everyone, I am a gay 22 year old man, and I have found my twin flame and I love him very much. I was born August 26, 1994, and I a

Aethenos - Clawson, Michigan
Looking for a teacher to help me learn more about spells and energy

SilverMoonWolf85 - Lake City, Michigan
I'm new to the area. I'm looking for other wiccans in the area. I'm a grey witch. My familiars are my rotten pit and my Mau mix.

msmaddie92 - traverse city Michigan
I am new to wicca.

Angelicwolfwoman - Greenville, Michigan
I've been practicing wicca for 8 yrs and I have a loving husband of 7 of those yrs with 4 kids ages 25,24,18 and 12. I love all animals and reptiles,

Whitethounder88 - Mt Clemens Michigan
Im new to wiccan. And i want to find a teacher or somewhere i can go with other wiccans

thatgirlgaby16 - Ionia, Michigan
Beginner Solitary Witch

Luvvicki - Michigan
I started my path about a year ago, looking for a coven and or peers for for help along the way and the joy of meeting more people like me!

mariagoth - Michigan

raventherebel13 - Michigan
New to Wicca need advice and guidance from an elder

HappieJay - Michigan
I'm new to the actual wiccan community, but throughout my life I've always had/have beliefs that the Wiccan community has and I found the religion and

LukePentacle - Michigan
I'm a FtM transgender, I love music and consider myself to be a goth. I have been practicing Wicca for 3 years now. I would love help or advise.

FreyjaBlue - Michigan
I am new to Wicca and am very enthusiastic about learning more and practicing it.

LeoAmethyst156 - Michigan
Im 16 and have been practicing wicca for a few years now, im gay, and want to join a coven and get guidance

ftballwitch - Michigan

Esme - Shelby Michigan
Looking for friends. Please contact me if you wish to be one or just wanna talk. Chow

Argentum_Draconis - Michigan
Looking for a teacher in rituals and herb uses

Gina - Michigan

Cadaver - Michigan

Aknox88 - Pontiac Michigan
I'm gay looking for anyone in Pontiac who is willing to do a free sex spell. Please text 2485647317

CopperFurr - Rockford Michigan

amandaboumelhem - dearborn heights michigan
i have been practing wicca for 13 years would love a witch as a friend - so mote it be :)

Kishad - Detroit Michigan
I have been practicing spell off and on since 2004 would love to get fully into my craft. One child working on getting married next year but have to d

CILMAN1 - Michigan
I am curious so teach me, I have my own beliefs however I wanna learn more

SilverCrow - Grand Rapids Michigan
I am a witch this much is true of many of us here. I have been solitary for some time and I know that I need the company of others as I fear that I am

fawnbones - michigan
witch in need of people to connect with and practice the craft with!

VVitch - Ludington Michigan
Ask me

Ladytink2001 - Michigan
It's been a long time since I took the oath and practiced witchcraft. I miss it so much!

woko - michigan
looking for information

KatieKcat1501 - Michigan
I've always been interested in Wicca and I feel connected by my celtic decent but I have no one to help guide me and I don't know anyone else who can

Santar - Michigan
I was born to be who I have become. I was raised in the world of magick, but my path is my own. I am not rude to people who wish to understand things

mandykaybaby - Michigan
I am a 25 year old woman looking to start down a new path of Wicca and I am looking for people who may be able to help me find where to start this jou

Dacarihudson - michigan
ben trying to do magic my whole life so

Louann - Pontiac, Michigan
Trying to re-find my path in life. My children are grown and moved away. I am on my 3rd husband.

SammieG16 - Michigan

Itbmedesiree - Michigan
Ive always been fascinated with wiccan/paganism and witchcraft. Id love to meet other people who have similar interests that i can learn from.

Jeri8000 - st. johns Michigan
I like to work with yarn knit and crochet. I'm into celtic druidry / wicca / shamanism / I love cooking / baking / crafting / looking to build my cov

bethmclynne23 - Macomb Township, Michigan
In a wonderful relationship, college student, cat lover. Born and raised Roman Catholic. Looking to convert to Wicca. I would love to learn about the

Silvermoon98 - Orleans, Michigan
I've been studying Wicca for a few months but you can only go so far by yourself if you don't know where to go. I would love to meet other Wiccans and

Sexyone5969 - Michigan
I'm new to this looking to learn more

Mariedoll - Ferndale, Michigan

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