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Fellow Wiccans in montana

eldritchOphelia - Montana
I am a free spirit, I tend to travel a lot, I tend to mix and match rather than following one tradition, generally solitary, although I have attended

Zen_Reeves - Montana
I am new Wiccan hoping to find a fellow Wiccan near me to become friends and share the craft with

Elcappocobain - Billings Montana
Im looking to practice i need somebody to work with who knows wtf they are doing

IgnusSpiritusMorte - Montana
There is no God. But I can hear the devil in my head.

Hekate_wanderer - Montana

sarailwsn - Somers, Montana
I am a sea or water witch just starting out and looking for a friend nearby to practice and grow with. Hit me up if you'd like to embark in this journ

Infinity3 - Billings Montana
I have forgotten my craft and seeking to remember it. I have manys gifts and wish to use them.

StormDancer154 - Montana (MT)
Hey, I'm 18 & I've bean practicing for 2.5 years and am looking for a friend in the craft near me :) blessed be :D

Kronick369 - Butte montana
Starting witch as it runs in my family. Hoping to meet some ppl who can help me ease into this. I'm the third generation of witches in my family.

Lostgirl10 - Montana

Odinsontorro - Helena, Montana
I am a proud working class carpenter, fighter, rugby player, father and husband. I live to learn, love and enjoy life as it is today. I was very much

conbon - Montana

druidsmama - Helena,Montana
I have practiced the craft for about 47 years as a solitary/hedge witch and proud of it. Former US Army (8 years). I live on 20 perfect acres with my

TaraLJB - Montana
I am a solitary Wiccan. I work with many energies I'm impathic.

Chleo - Butte, Montana

VioletMoon3 - Montana

Wolfgar_Naturewalker - Billings Montana
Eclectic Solitary

PaulJ - Butte, Montana

TheSoleSurvivor - Roundup Montana
I am here to learn more about Wicca. As far as I know there's no one here in Roundup that practices Wicca, but then again if they do they probably hid

DragonEye678 - Billings, Montana
Hi, I'm new to wicca and want to learn. I like music and outside.

Killian - Montana

IronRaven - Billings Montana
I like nature I love animals I love water and snow I like the sun and the moon.

flutterdash666 - billings Montana

ScorpioGuy - Montana
New to Wicca and curious about everything. Looking for a teacher to help me learn. I like to read, write, listen to music, go bicycling and be outdoor

Addieoso - Montana
Into energy work, meditation, wicca, taoism and various eastern philosophies. Looking for friends and possibly a partner with whom I can live, drink

goldenphoenix - montana
exploring and expanding

valentino - butte montana
I like the out doors like to play sports and i like to learn new things everyday

WiseLittleWoman22 - Montana

kellykoas - Montana
im a solitary practitioner. i learned most of what i know from scott cunninghams books and a very dear friend. i hope to learn and grow.

WhiteWingWiccan - Bonner Montana
I'd like to meet a local teach who is willing to teach me the way of wicca.

IssaSwann - Absarokee, Montana
Well, I'm 16 years old and love to try new things. i adore exploring, reading, writing, singing (though i'm terrible), dancing (again terrible), laugh

Coershaw - Montana
Just starting out and would love to learn more from experiences. My girlfriend and i are looking for people to give us or help us out learning more. W

ling_a_boo - Montana

sunnie - Missoula, Montana
I am a solitary witch. I work full time, am married with an 11 yr old daughter, and twin boys that will be 5 in December. I am looking for friends w

darkshadow - montana
I\'ve been practicing the wicca/ pagan was for over 25 years on my own, looking to make some friends

lilith69 - Sidney Montana
Iam just being to learn the Wiccan ways.Iam in love with nature and all earth has in store for all who truly believe in nature and the elements.So ia

shana - sidney montana
Merry meet, I am a solitare witch and looking for other wiccans, pagans to chat with. I dont get to practice as much as I would likelife being so busy

SkwkwecSpqni - Montana
Got to figure out yourself...

gypsy79 - Montana

JMac - Montana
Newbie and wanting guidance

moon - Montana
Big book reader.

phoenix - Montana

shaedbaby - Missoula Montana
I am 34 year old female, who is lost now that my father has passed away, Have 6 wonderful kids

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