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Fellow Wiccans in oklahoma

Powderpufff - Oklahoma
52 y/o married female

Roseyred - Oklahoma pryor

Kayda - oklahoma
I am a mother of two and a wife. Trying to meet new ppl and hopefully make friends

Birdfoot69 - Macomb,Oklahoma
Does anyone communicate on here?

WilliowJagaVajrayogini - Oklahoma

ravendawnblackwolf - oklahoma ,city. ok
i been a ware. Of my path since 2009 after. My father passed away. I am a salutary . I'm looking for friends that understand. Me

Ouija72 - Oklahoma City Oklahoma
I have studying Wicca since I was 15. Now I am needing to meet people who are interested in the same.

pixiestix340 - Central Oklahoma
I am very new to actually learning about Wicca and Paganism but so far I've really been loving what I hear. I have been on a journey of finding the oc

pixiestixx - Central Oklahoma
I am very new to actually learning about Wicca and Paganism but so far I've really been loving what I hear. I have been on a journey of finding the oc

nashota - Ponca City Oklahoma
Looking for help.

Jewelz90 - Oklahoma City,Oklahoma
I'm a new wiccan woman,I am here to make friends and hopefully to learn more and all.

Ruetta - Ada, oklahoma
I'm new, looking for guidance

FolkishHeathen89 - Oklahoma
I am a follower of the old Gods and the old ways.

Arakielthefallen - Pryor Oklahoma
In desperate need of help. Having severe difficulties with my life. I want to put it back together wants to learn about pacts and to become something

Seeker72 - Oklahoma
Desires to study with and become a member of a coven.

BriarJane - Stephens County, Oklahoma
Solitary practice for 18 years. Retired. Anything else a person would like to know, just ask.

Highpriestess1976 - Clinton oklahoma
Used older pagan methods to find my christian and pagan paths.

Bastwoman - McAlester Oklahoma
I am pagan, a follower of the Egyptian Goddess Bast. I follow mostly a solitary path but welcome friends from any paths.

shell77 - Norman, Oklahoma

2wolves - Guthrie Oklahoma
Solitary practitioner interested in meeting other people with an interest in the occult. "We all have two opposing wolves inside us, one light and on

Tori17 - Coweta Oklahoma
I am a blood witch,I had come to my powered 4 years ago and I feel I don't know a lot. I am from one of the great 7 clans but my ansistory doesn't dat

Athenamymother7 - Midwest city Oklahoma
I'm looking for a mentor I'm new so I need to grow strong in magic and learn all I can

cammapaige23 - Ada, oklahoma
I am trying to find wiccans that are close to me. I have been a solitary witch for many years now. For some reason the universe is telling me to f8nd

Queenie547 - Oklahoma City
I am new to practicing consistently, but I would like to find teachers/guides/friends to become more acquainted with and become more knowledgable of t

Mandykay38 - Edmond, Oklahoma
Solitary pagan. Eclectic. Looking for friends of similar styles to chat with, talk to, maybe learn from one another.

LilacLavender - Oklahoma City
I am a Wiccan solitaire, been on the path for about 15 years, would enjoy meeting and talking with other pagan parents about kids, Wicca, and life in

Shadowchaser - Oklahoma
I am naturally of a darker path

Wayniac - Edmond, Oklahoma
I am a songwriter/ songwriter. I am divorced. I've always been a member of the Christian denominational game. I've always been interested in Wiccan an

Flacoe33 - Oklahoma
Recent Wiccan/Pagan joiner. A friend family brought me to the world of magick. I specialize in mostly mood magick and I currently have a Djinn.

Mothership - Oklahoma
Looking for similar minded, family oriented friends. We don't follow any particular dogma, and are mostly still just starting to get out feet wet. Is

NordStorm - OKLAHOMA City
Just looking to belong somewhere. I have been into Wicca for a very long time and only a couple of years ago did I really get to do any magik or belon

Scarletty - Oklahoma city, Oklahoma
I am a Traditional Necromancer and Shaman i am mainly a solitary practitoner and leader of the Black Sun Blood Moon Clan as well as a member of Sun Mo

Mysticaster - Oklahoma city

Shauntel - Oklahoma
I'm new to the wiccan and looking for a mentor in the OKC, Norman area. I'm an easy going,kind, loving soul.

lavenderrose - Pryor Oklahoma
I'm a quiet but peaceful soul that's just trying to give my all in doing what is right and good for mother earth and human being.

sliverdream010110 - oklahoma city, oklahoma
I'm a gray witch,and I'm o the journey to teach my son the ways olds

Alliran - Oklahoma
Hello. I am fun loving and kind. I have dabbled in the craft for a few years now.I usually stay to myself but I seem to have found new questions and w

ScarlettIris - Oklahoma
I've been a Wicca for about 5 years now. My brothers are as well but other than that I don't know anyone else that is as well. I'm currently looking f

DancingWillow - Coweta oklahoma
I am new to this path and I am looking to meet friends and also meet people who can help me learn and grow.

FreyjaMaidenhair - Oklahoma
From a long line of wiccan healers,fairy sitting (same as baby sitting ). We were shunned until someone needed something. But harm ye none, blessed be

Ravenwolf68 - Idabel, Oklahoma
Practitioner for many years.looking for like minded folks looking to start a new circle as my last one ended with our priestess crossing the river

snnthmpsn - mcalester oklahoma
I an a same gender loving 25 year old male. have working knowledge of egyptian and eosteric paths. IS THERE NO HELP FOR THE WIDOW'S SON?

hislifenow - Guthrie, Oklahoma
I'm new and want to learn everything I can. Looking for people close to me that I can learn from. Any advice is welcome appreciated. Blessed Be!

alyj - Weatherford, Oklahoma
I am just starting out on my path to Wicca. Looking for other Wiccans in my area to learn from and talk to, possibly join a coven.

Kensington - Oklahoma
Just ask

I'm looking to bring a coven together I'm from the pegain ways

Love0light - Muskogee Oklahoma
Small town girl. From a native family. Blessed be.

DaOgre - Tulsa,Oklahoma
I'm into draconic witchcraft and would love to meet new people around my area.

Chris1488 - Oklahoma

Threetlisa - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
I am 44 years old with 5 children and 5 grandkids, so far. I love my life and everything about it, now me and my daughter's are looking for other wicc

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