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Fellow Wiccans in virginia

Holtjam1 - Williamsburg, Virginia
New to the space and very inquisitive

Laeyala - Chesapeake Virginia
I have been studying Wicca and Witchcraft since 2007. I am also studying herbalism and natural healing. I am looking to learn and make new friends.

Healer - Virginia
Hmm, what to say... Well I was raised in my families history of a craft, herbs and healing is my passion. I'll leave the rest for later.

zaralowe - Virginia
18, college student living in northern Virginia. Doing a anthropology project on Wicca. Message me with Information on wicca, I would love to know abo

lacrawfo - NE North Carolina/SE Virginia
I'm an eclectic Wiccan, practicing for 6 months. I'm very interested in Druidry, herbalism, and candle magick. Looking for like minded people in the a

OOK - Gloucester virginia
Eclectic witch, looking for a new age school near me to expand my understanding of the universe. I have two dogs, haily moon,and Odin. I also have a c

Gelleelives - Marion, Virginia
New and interested in guidance. I am looking into herbalism and kitchen witchery. Friends desperately needed, I have never had a close connection to a

Regina34 - roanoke virginia
I am wiccan have been for little over a year now I study oils crystals and chakra I also do tarot card looking to meet new friends and learn about fai

James1986 - Powhatan Virginia
I am a wiccan who is learning the craft and is looking for some fellow wiccans to learn form/with.

Lunarosewitch - Virginia Beach
Hi I'm jazz and I have been practicing witchcraft for 6 months. I would love to meet and practice witchcraft with other witches. My tumblr is lunaros

Eyesopened - Virginia
I am new to the Wiccan faith and am looking for some friends who might be able to answer some questions and guide me in the right direction.

Flaka757 - Virginia
Fairly new to wicca. Interested in finding a friend who can help broaden what i have learned or offer insights

Risaad - Roanoke, Virginia
Merry meet! I'm Clarissa, a 14-year-old girl who wants to learn about Wicca with a group of others around my age.

pumpkinoverlord - Virginia
Hello! I am pagan and ftm and looking to connect with like-minded people. I am very new to spirituality and am eager to learn more.

memoriesunwind - Northern Virginia
Relatively new to Wicca. All that I've read so far resonates with me so profoundly and I would love to chat with anyone willing to help me along my pa

Shyla - Virginia beach

echo_fox - Virginia Beach
My name is Danni. I'm 15 and looking for a coven willing to help me become initiated and lead me in the right direction as far as Wicca goes.

Blixbee - Virginia Beach, VA
Hi! I've been dabbling/researching Wicca and Witchcraft for a little over a year now. Nothing serious so far though I want to go deeper with it. I wan

Calan - Virginia
I've always considered myself to be a seeker of balance and truth what in life. I believe that the connection between humans and the earth is balance

Sugarskullz87 - Virginia
I am looking for a coven, so I may learn The wiccan way with proper guidance. I was drawn to it before 7 years ago and learned and practiced some on

Chris757 - Virginia beach
I have recently went through a bad divorce and starred working with magic. I want to know more and hone my skills. I have been told that I have alot o

CeannaraMoondancer - Glen Allen , Virginia
I'm looking for 'like minded'..Wiccan, Witchy, Hippie type of ppl in my area..or anywhere for that matter..lol I'm disabled & can no longer drive, so.

Blessed be! Learning and looking for guidance :)

calebkmarchal - Newport news Virginia
I have been practicing for 6 months i Im looking for one other person (female) to practice with or a small coven if its all thats available

Ellowyn - Virginia Beach, Va
Hi, I'm a solitary eclectic pagan. I'm interested in energy work, herbs, oil, stones, meditation, moon magic, ritual work, spell writing, and kitchen

Jessie2982 - Virginia
I am new to wicca and am looking for a mentor to help me learn and grow.

Krato68 - Chesapeake, Virginia
I've been studying Wiccan for a bit of time. I am always willing to learn more you can either kik me at jordan000012345 or email me at Munnkassidy17@g

Lizzard - California, but moving to Virginia
i participate in Reclaiming events in the San Francisco Bay Area. I plan to move back to Virginia and hope to find a community in/near Richmond.

mike1104 - virginia beach
Just looking to gain more nowlege and have other wicthes to commune with

harl3quin - Virginia
- Capricorn - Daughter of a Wiccan - Seeking a teacher -

LittleFox - Central Virginia
I've been studying Wicca for a while and have tried my best to immerse myself any time I have available. I'm almost out of school so I will be able to

EclecticWhitewitch20 - Norfolk, Virginia
Hello I'm Tasha, I have been on this path for 13 years now and I am currently searching for others to practice with. For most of my craft I have been

Nightshade56 - Virginia Beach, Virginia
Hi! My name is Holly Im 24 and live in VA Beach. I have been studying and practicing witchcraft for about 2 years now and I'm loving it! I consider my

Wiccansince2015 - Roanoke, Virginia
Im interested in the mystery of the divine. So I turned to Wicca I'm new and have many questions regarding this religion.

sixx - Virginia Beach
Hi there really not sure what to say u can kik me at danzig1976 looking for people in Virginia Beach to talk to and to learn more

James30099 - Virginia
My name is James and I'm new to wicca and I'm looking for some help and a possible coven I can attend and Im also looking for some fellow wiccans to p

llama4 - Virginia Beach, VA
Hi all! I am getting back into Wicca and am looking to meet some new friends! I just moved here a few months ago from Denver, CO. Currently working fu

Worn_Sails - Chesapeake Bay, Virginia
Hi, anyone who knows me well knows that my nickname is Gypsy. I've lived a wanderlust life as long as I can remember. My travels have spanned from the

GreenRaven - Virginia Beach
Hello I studied and practiced Wicca for a few years when I was a teenager than once I was married I slipped away from it. Recently the energies have b

bluegarwd - West Virginia
Im a Guardian

Jragon - Rock bridge, virginia

dashaa - Virginia Beach

Cheyenne - Surry Virginia
I would love to talk to other people who share similar beliefs.

moonchild91 - Virginia Beach
My Name is Shae just moved to VA and am A Celtic Wiccan fallowing and worshiping The Morrigan. I really hope I can find some fellow witchy friends.

Marz - Virginia
Have always been intrigued by paganism. Interested in learning more.

Lyssa - Virginia
I have been interested in Wiccan and Paganism for years. Interested in Learning more

Elmore - Norfolk, Virginia
Hello! I'm new to wicca and looking for like minded people in my area. If you would like to get in touch, feel free to message or email me! Ztaelmore@

Water_Vixen - Virginia beach
I'm looking for a coven and guidance. I'm new and I am from a Christian family but I feel like witchcraft runs through my blood. My mom said my grandf

Blk_widow - Virginia Beach

Dreamerwings - Virginia
I am Native American Indian - Apache/Pueblo and Irish. I practice my Native ways and Paganism.

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