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Fellow Wiccans in washington

agennis - Olympia, Washington
I'm still new to Wicca, but I'm all in! I love that it's a small, close community. I love that it embraces nature and sustainability. I think that

Hr8938 - Bellingham Washington
Natural Witch with something special. Seeking fellowship. I can teach conjuration, but need assistance building protection.

Dientes20914 - Washington
New to this looking for help guidance and teachings

Kat24325 - Washington PA
I am a mother of three and am new to the wiccan life. Looking for someone to meet and learn together

PaganSasquatch - Washington
I live in South Eastern Washington State. I've always followed an Earthy path and I am a solitary green Witch(or, as I say, A green river Witch, becau

strongdeer - Washington D.C
I enjoy meeting people that are open to occultism,Covens. Also I like skateboarding always thought that it was a great sport.

Strongstandingdeer - Washington DC
I have always like studying and learning about religion particular Covens astrology philosophy.

NewBeginnings - Seattle, Washington
Very new to the Wiccan lifestyle, I am looking for people who share the same mindset and to increase my knowledge

wyatt - everson washington
i am fairly new to wiccan life and i dont know very many like minded ppl. i am very devoted to this path. im very open and love to make new friends, i

Cmedina723 - Washington
Mean evil and sexy

morte_zeno11391 - mt. washington kentucky
ive been practicing wicca since I was 13. it started as a high school project the more I researched the more it fit. I abide by the wiccan rede in eve

Paladin - Washington

Jay17 - Washington
Trying find people in Washington state that do wiccan and an trying to learn more

LavenderBeast - Washington State
I am new to the Wiccan community, I'm looking for a coven and to become a strong member

MourningStar - Bellingham Washington
Looking for fellowship and a mentor. I am fluent in American Sign Language should that be relevant.

mysticblue - Washington
I am hoping to meet people to hang out with and also need a spiritual cleansing.So hey hi !I am deeply passionate and spiritual.I love astrology and b

willowwaterside - Washington
I am looking for fellowship and guidance.

Persephone33 - Washington
I am wanting to open my mind and heart to the magic that is unseen. i need someone to teach me and enlighten me. I feel the power within me but can no

snail57 - Washington state
I am planning o n moving to Santa Maria/Orcutt, sadly not soon enough. Just want to start contacts there, a little prayer would help too. Anyway BB al

Rileyjo - Mt. Washington, KY
Very new to Wicca....searching for others who share my interest and a teacher.

Smoke_And_Fire - Washington
I grew up, not really knowing my place in the world.. but then, I found Wicca, and I realized that this was my path.. the path to become a witch. And

Witchytarva - Washington
I am not Wiccan. I am not a follower of any particular religion, but I am spiritual.

Henwynn - Washington state

Kaithelonely - Tacoma, Washington
I just want to know more about Wicca and see if it's for me.

Scarlet1221 - Spokane Washington
I have always been interested in becoming Wiccan and have several close friends who are Wiccan. I truly need help understanding everything.

juliecluzel - Everett Washington

Eternallyneko - Everett Washington
I am a newly out of the broom closet witch. I am looking for like minded people to get to know and learn from. I am new to the area, originally from W

tannerwatkins - Washington
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RamonaAlioth - King County Washington & Florida.
Currently in FL soon going back to WA. I've been practicing for about 9 years now. I need more people to talk to about the way and I'm always wanting

Boneshaker - Washington
I was raised Mormon and interested in learning and pursuing Wiccan. I need someone to guide me and help me understand the basics and help me to be one

The5thSpirit - washington state
*i am single* I was born with a perfect "5" centered on the back of my head. literally. my search for answers of "why" led me to learning about wicca,

DracoStar13 - Washington, D.C.
Looking for Fellow Wiccans to relate to and also looking for rescources to expand my personal growth as a Wiccan and hopefully join a local coven and

blueshiningstar - Washington Missouri
Learning more every day keeps your mind healthy

k2hanna - Longbeach Washington
hi, I'm moving (back) to southwest washington in a few weeks. I'm hoping to find some like minded people to get together with from time to time. (I

Rayne8035 - Lewis County Washington
Hello just looking for like minded people to chat with...

bouncy13 - washington Pennsylvania
Im fairly to thr knowlegde that i km now and my family has practice for years i mean many years traditions and all and wanting to keep learning and in

sploding4turtles - Washington mo
Blessings! I'm new to being a wiccan. I was never religious but when I found wicca I knew I found my calling! I hope to many wiccans and find a happy

Marvel - Vancouver, Washington
I am just a Wiccan looking for others to group with to learn and teach.

IamCarbonMan - Sunnyside, Washington
I am just a teenager who found a book concerning wicca at my library and felt that this was the simplest way of life i had ever heard of (which is hel

Megan - washington state
Well I'm just a earth loveing girl looking to carve my place in the world. I wanna talk to some nice people so ya.

AlderCandlegold - Southwest Washington
Bonjour! I decided to find a venue wherein to sit back comfortably, prop my boots up on the table, learn what I can, and share what I may. I began

angzel67 - shelton.washington

desmm82 - washington,ia

Shanalee00 - Washington, PA
Merry meet ! I've been studying Wicca for almost a year but have always been interested in it. Just looking for others who are interested in the craft

Kuvasz - Puyallup Washington
I have always felt out of place in other religions but when I found out about the Wiccan covens I felt interested and intrigued. I wish to find a teac

tifah - Washington
Just looking for other Wiccans that I could relate to and get along with. :) Things you may or may not need to know~ I am a Solitary Witch.

IndigoNadine - Washington State
I'll be back for this part! :-)

Maliza - Washington DC
I have been exposed to Wicca as a child, but never had no one to really teach me or guide me; i'm really interested :) Would love to make acquaintance

xenuar - washington
I would like to meet a woman and see if we can become more than friends. I would like a relationship. I will put a photo up when I am able to. If you

lunardragonfly2213 - tacoma Washington
I'm using my phone and I guess it will not let upload photos. �� anywho message me and start a conversation �� I'm 21

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